Gold Raider Slot

The newest offering from Sheriff Gaming is the 3D slot game Gold Raider. There are 5 slots and 20 paylines, plus an 8000 coin jackpot. Plenty of the other special features make this slot a great addition to your gaming portfolio.

Sheriff Gaming has always been at the forefront of creating fun and exciting casino games, and Gold Raider is no different. The game has a smooth and polished look, and it offers excellent payouts that will keep players coming back for more. There are plenty of free spins and bonus games to ensure that you will not get bored with, even after hours of playing.

Gold Raider Slot Machine Theme

Gold Raider is part of the new craze for action-packed gaming. The game is loosely based on action-adventure slots like Indiana Jones and The Temple of Doom. The player is an archeologist who must wade through dangerous jungles and overcome many obstacles, like the local militia, in order to find the treasure.

It is hard to incorporate a storyline into a slot game, but Gold Raider does this successfully. The hero must escape the army trying to capture him, while simultaneously searching for lost treasures. The game is available in both standard and free modes, and contains numerous special features to keep players interested.

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Key Features of Gold Raider Slots

The special features of the game are its true selling point. They include the wild symbol, the Wheel of fortune, Extra Cash, Bonus games, and many more. One of the most exciting features is the wild symbol that appears in the middle of the reel. It expands, replacing regular symbols, and thus allowing players to win. The ‘Click Me’ feature is activated when three map symbols appear in the 1st, 3rd, and 5th reels. Players can select symbols and thus win cash prizes. The Extra Cash feature is activated when purse symbols turn up in the second, third and fourth reels. The Gold Raider awards the players extra coins.  

Wheel of Fortune is another bonus feature that awards great payouts. It starts when the spin symbol turns up in the fifth reel. A game of Russian Roulette starts, and your bet is multiplied according to the selection of a spinning gun. The higher the multiplier, the greater payout you will receive. This feature is a great way to earn some serious cash.

Throughout the game, players are also given plenty of free spins, which also increases their chances of winning. The skulls symbols give players free spins. Three skull symbols give you eight free spins, four gives you 15, and finally, five symbols give you 25 free spins. Players can get a maximum of 2,500 coins from free spins. The symbol that gives the highest payout is the treasure hunter. If this symbol lands on a reel in an active payline, then your bet is multiplied 8000 times!

Overall Experience

Sheriff Gaming is well known for creating unique and innovative slot games. Gold Raider is part of an excellent collection of casino games. The gaming graphics are great without being over-the-top. The characters are funny and engaging, and combined with the excellent sounds effects, the game gives players a real jungle experience.

The storyline is incorporated perfectly into the basic slot machine set-up. The hero must battle army goons, snakes and spiders, while you spin the slots to earn your fortune. The theme does not distract from the basic slot game, but only adds to the fun and sense of adventure. According to the game developers, the game also employs a great mathematical model that gives players excellent chances of winning big.

Overall, Gold Raider is one of the top slot games in the market today. By incorporating a fun theme with brilliant features and payouts, the game has many good features. Experienced players and newcomers to slots will not be disappointed with this game.