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A Centaur is a mythological creature which features the lower body of a horse and the upper body of a man. It is thought that the myth came about when non-riding cultures first came upon nomads upon horseback, the unusual appearance suggesting that these ‘creatures’ were half man and half horse. Centaurs would remain part of popular culture through the ages, with many carvings appearing in medieval times and a Centaur would even make an appearance in ‘King Lear’ by William Shakespeare.

There have been many slots with mythological themes in recent times, but perhaps surprisingly, this is the first Centaur based game. The game has a highly detailed and simplified interface featuring one single large touch screen, the Centaur himself taking center stage at the top of the screen. He is an impressive figure, with long dark hair and holds a bow with a quiver of arrows strapped across his back – ready to take on the world!

This is a slot where the focus is on the free spins round and the stacked centaur symbol – the number of free spins being potentially huge at some stages in the game while the stacked centaur can lead to a large number of wins.

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How to Win at Centaur

Your biggest wins come along when you manage to land the free spins feature. On the reels you’ll find a golden shield symbol, this shield being twice as large as others on the reels. This acts as the scatter and should you manage to land three across any of the reels you’ll gain an immediate 8 free spins. However, landing the free spins with 4 or 5 scatters gives you 25 or 50 free spins respectively – certainly worth landing! During the free spins it’s possible to re-trigger the bonus round and any additional free spins won will simply be added to the existing total. This is not the end of the free spins story however. The shields can contain a ‘watermark’ which adds additional spins to the feature or perhaps more importantly, a multiplier.

The other big wins come your way by way of the centaur symbol itself. This is a stacked symbol, so there’ll be occasions when the centaur will encompass much of the reels. This can lead to situations where a great number of win lines can all offer wins on the same, single spin. The ‘perfect storm’ scenario would see all of the five reels contain only the centaur symbol, meaning every single win line would pay out for five in a row.

Wins will also come along in the standard way when landing consecutive symbols on a win line from left to right, these being aided by the added wild symbols – you can’t miss these as they say ‘WILD’ in bright gold. These wilds can work very well in combination with the stacked centaur symbols, giving even more winning possibilities.

How Centaur Works

Centaur is a 5 reel game, although in a slight change from the norm, you’ll find four symbols on show on each of the reels, as opposed to the usual three and due to the slightly oversized reels you’ll have a total of 40 win lines. Auto-play is an option and the game you’ll have to set the coin value and amount, starting at just 1c, making the minimum cost of a spin just 40c.

The reels have a white background which gives the game something of a basic feel, this added to by the playing card ‘filler’ symbols found on the reels alongside those relevant to the theme. These include a gladiator’s helmet, a lion, a harp and a winged cat-like creature. The most eye catching symbol is the centaur, especially when he fills all four spaces on a reel – I would imagine the upper half of his body would attract some female attention, although I’d not be quite so sure about the lower half!

The accompanying sound to the slot is a little generic at times, the simple clicking of the reels meeting each and every spin, while wins are met by a high pitched jingle you might find at a number of slots.

Overall Experience with the Centaur Slot

This is a game that is all about the two main features – the stacked centaurs and the free spins. Both of these offer the opportunity for some very nice wins and you’ll certainly feel a buzz when the centaur fills reels one and two, or you land those first two scatters. It would be fair to say that this isn’t the most spectacular slot you’ll find in a casino, as there are not too many surprises coming your way and in places the game is a little basic – especially when it comes to the visuals and sound. However, players who enjoy the opportunity of those bigger than usual wins on a slightly higher variance slot will certainly enjoy Centaur.

About the Centaur

There are a number of conflicting stories about how the centaur came into being. One of the more popular myths is that they were the children of Ixiom, king of the Lapiths and Nephele, a cloud which was made in the image of Hera. Centaurs are usually depicted as wild and lustful, and according to some legends represent the devil himself, although one notable exception is Chiron. He was known for teaching and his medicinal skills and said to be both modest and civilized. He resided on Mount Pelion and was the teacher of many Greek mythical characters. Chiron was immortal, but was accidentally injured by an arrow from Heracles, which was said to be treated with the blood of Hydra, causing Chiron to be in insufferable pain. To free himself from the pain, he volunteered that he be sacrificed in order to free Prometheus, after Zeus had demanded a life in return.