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Penny slot games were introduced in the gambling industry when the slot machines were made paperless. These slot machines give the players options of multi-lines, and they have gained a lot of importance in the past few years, as they give the players a good value for their money. Experts have stated that these penny slots games are an effective way of betting, as the players invest a relatively low sum on them. On the plus side, even though these games are low investment for the players, they can reach high bets due to their multi-line feature. At present, most casinos let the players bet between .10 cents and .20 cents on these games. Therefore, if a player is playing on a 50-line machine, he or she will be able to bet a maximum of $5 to $10.

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How to Play Penny Slot Games

Even though penny slot games are similar to the other slot games available at the casinos, players need to understand them well enough to be able to win while playing. Primarily, a player needs to read all the rules and regulations of the slot game before he or she starts playing it. Once the player knows the rules of the game, he/she will be able to place suitable bets on every stage. In some slots, the player needs to place the maximum bet to win a bonus, or a progressive jackpot, so reading the details of the game will help the players place their bets accordingly.

Since penny slot machines are multi-line slot games, it is advisable that players play all the lines that are available to them. If a player plays on many lines, the chances of him or her winning a higher bet rate increases. Playing all the lines on the slot game may give the player better chances of winning, but they need not necessarily increase the payout value. However, this will increase the value of money that a player can win during the bonus rounds.

While playing multi-lines, it is important that players keep a tab on the number of coins they are betting on each of the lines, as they can easily go overboard in this section. If the players are winning, they should increase their bets, and if they are losing, they should decrease their bets. Most often, players tend to increase their bets when they are losing in their game, however, it is better to lower bets in such circumstances.

New Penny Slots on the Market

Recently, IGT or the International Game Technology, a popular name in the slot games industry, announced that it is going to launch a penny version of its popular slot game Megabucks. The original Megabucks game is a dollar coin slot machine. In this game, the player need 3 coins to win the jackpot and the jackpot value of the game changes with every grand win. This game is a part of the IGT’s MegaJackpot slot system, which connects approximately 750 slot machines, in around 136 Nevada-based casinos, with a common jackpot amount. Since this game has been introduced in the penny format, the players have been able to win jackpots worth millions by just spending a few pennies.

What is the Biggest Progressive Jackpot Win on Penny Slots

The biggest progressive jackpot win while playing IGT’s penny slot game has been worth $18,799,414. This jackpot was won by a 66-year-old man. According to the winner, he was not a big fan of penny slot games and usually played video poker. However, he decided to play penny slots one day and his life completely changed.

The winner put in $100 to play the game, once he had played $44, he saw five eagle symbols on the screen, and thought that he had won approximately $4,000 or $5,000, he stated. However, when the symbols appeared on the reels, the jackpot on top of the machine changed from $18 million to $10 million. The winner won this jackpot at the Pahrump Nugget Casino in Las Vegas, and he is so far the highest jackpot winner for penny slot games.

The Battleship slot game by WMS

Another popular slot game that is enjoyed by several players in Las Vegas is the Battleship slot game by WMS. This game is a classic board game turned into a slot. The game has a lot of bonus features and additional rewards. When the bonuses are triggered during the game, the players move into a communal bonus round, where in their eligible teammates help win a jackpot.

The most exciting feature of this game is the fact that is a community game, where in teams compete with each other. In addition to this, the game has a very unique design and it has sensory immersion technology as well. The game consists of two video reels, and two mechanical transmissive reels. The theme of the game is based on technology, and it has been designed with a lot of care by the developers, who took 2 years to design this slot game.

The game consists of three bonus features. These bonuses include Free Spin Victory, Find Conquer, and Bomber’s Run. Apart from these three bonus features, the game has approximately four Battleship based themes, which also have unique bonus rounds in them. The Commanding Officer is 5-reel video theme in the game, and the bonuses offered during this theme are similar to the ones in the original board game. The second theme of the game is the Periscope Pays, which is again a 5-reel video that includes wild features. The bonus under this theme offers the players free spins. The other fascinating themes in the game are the Grans Armada, and the Brigade. Both of these themes have five or four mechanical, and they have free spin bonuses as well.

The players received this game very well as it combined the traditional board game with the new slot format. The players also enjoyed the fact that the game had to be played in teams. As a matter of fact, Battleship is one of the most popular games made by WMS, even though WMS produces many slot games every year. It is a popular pick among the theme-based slots, and it is available in many casinos in Las Vegas, as the regular players enjoy playing them.

The History of Penny Slot Machines

Casino authorities keep introducing new games to attract players to their outlets. At present, penny slot games are a popular choice among the players. According to experts, penny slot machines are always occupied at the casinos, and the people play these slots almost every day. These slot machines have a long history, and the first penny slot machine was built in the year 1895. At the time of its launch, the manufacturers called these slot machines, Liberty Bells.

During the early 1900s, the manufacturers of penny slot machines received a lot of orders from various interested clients. The craze for these machines shot up to such an extent that the manufacturers had to collaborate with each other to produce these penny slot machines for all their clients. Most of the manufacturers collaborated with California-based firms to meet their orders from across the globe.

However, even though penny slot machines gained a lot of popularity in the local gambling circuit in the US, they did not really make an appearance in Las Vegas until mid 1900s. In the beginning, none of the popular casinos chose to sponsor these slot machines. Casino owners noticed these slot machines for the first time when they were introduced in hotel Flamingo, a popular hotel in Las Vegas region. Even after the launch, these slot machines were not considered as a good option for the regular players, and were considered more suitable for the women. However, after a few months time, these slot machines gained a lot of popularity among all players.