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Konami Slot Machines OnlineKonami Corporation is one of the biggest developers of slot games in Japan. With its headquarters in Tokyo, the company is one of the few that are at the forefront of the real money casino gambling business in the world. Today, Konami also provides slot machine games in several land-based casinos in Nevada, the casino capital of the world.

Unique Features of Konami Slot Games

Some of the slot games developed by Konami include African Treasure, Rock Around the Clock, Dungeons & Dragons, Money in the Bank, Dance Dance Revolution and Ioha Gold. One of the most interesting features of the slots developed by Konami is that both, regular players and high rollers have several options to choose from.

For instance, players can wager real money of up to 1500 casino credits in the money in the bank slot game. The company is well-aware that the success of a slot game largely depends upon its bonus rounds and games. In lieu of this, free spins and unique bonus games are included in the slot machines developed by Konami.

Progressive games are another specialty of Konami slots games. Typically, in slot games, players do not hit the progressive games that often. However, in Konami slots, the payback percentage is quite high. Payouts are offered on a regular basis in all of the slot games designed by the Asian game manufacturer.

More About Konami : History / Background / Founders

The Konami Corporation did not always specialize in slot games. When it was established in early 1969 by Kagemasa Kozuki, it primarily dealt with the repair and rental of jukeboxes in Osaka, Japan. Four years later, the company revamped its business and was known as Konami Industry Co., Ltd. The new business objective dealt with creating premium amusement arcade machines.

Within a few years, the company began to export its games to several companies, notably the United States. The logo of Konami was released in 1981 which was revised for its 30th anniversary in 2003. The company launched its offices in Torrance, California in 1982 under the name Konami of America, Inc. The company continued to experience rapid growth which led to offices in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany.

Bolstered by the company’s success, it was soon listed in stock exchanges around the world including Tokyo, New York and London. During a lull in the arcade business, Konami decided to branch out in an altogether different direction. Combined with its industry experience and highly coveted technical expertise, the company began to produce slot machines.

Konami attained a major coup when it received the rights to the Rocky film series which garnered a cult classic status. Realizing the importance of the deal, the company utilized its resources to the fullest and created a revolutionary brand of Rocky slot games. The unique features of the slots ensured that players were given the ultimate in gaming and gambling excitement.

Konami Corporation Gains Popularity through its Slots

Konami Digital Entertainment, which deals exclusively with slot games, is situated in Las Vegas. It, along with all the other Konami offices across the world, is headed by the founder Kagemasa Kozuki who is the CEO and the Chairman of the board. Setting up shop in Las Vegas was a smart business decision as it is the centre of the casino industry with its world-famous line-up of casino hotels and extravagant culture. When Konami launched its rocky slot games were launched in 2005, the whole gaming industry sat up and took notice of this Asian company.

Boosted by the success of the slots, the company decided to form a specialized division that would oversee the development and production of slot machines. A team was put in place to observe market trends based on which the company would move forward in creating slots.

Konami Digital Entertainment realizes that it is not the only gaming company that produces slots. As such, it strives to go above and beyond what its competitors are offering with regard to themes, features and software. Most casino players prefer slot machines as they are available in a variety of themes. This is where Konami has significantly scored over its rivals.

The company has constantly enhanced its slot game portfolio by incorporating the latest trends and themes prevalent in the gaming industry today. From fantasy, action, science-fiction to movie-based, players will find a Konami slot game with a theme to suit their interests.

For instance, the African Treasure slot machine is based on a fantasy theme which includes hunting for lost treasure. The game has multiple paylines and offers progressive jackpots. The bonus round in the game is pirates’ loot, which offers free credits or spins when players hit a specific number of symbols on the reels.

One of the reasons for the enviable success and reputation enjoyed by Konami digital entertainment is the path-breaking technology utilized in its slots games. With the latest in advanced gaming software, Konami ensures that its customers receive only premium slot machines that offer a vibrant, hassle-free and never-before-seen real money gambling and gaming experience.