Dungeons and Dragons Slots Machine

Dungeons and Dragons Slot Review

Konami Gaming Inc. is considered to be one of the largest manufacturers and designers of slot and casino machines. The company recently announced that it is joining hands with Hasbro Inc., in order to design and manufacture for the popular brand, Dungeons and Dragons. The leading game and toy manufacturers have released the game to the public and is already popular for its huge cast of characters, vast and enchanting worlds, and engaging stories.

Dungeons and Dragons Slot Machine Theme

The game has undergone quite a number of changes, so it is hard for a veteran D&D player to go about without being awestruck. The subscription rates for this game rose by forty percent soon as this new version was released online

D&D is a five reel, twenty line video machine slot game, which means that there are at least five spinning reels using which you will need to form your winning combinations. For each coin that the player puts in, another payline is enabled. Once the reels stop spinning, the computer will check the combination of the symbols along the enabled paylines.  

It is certainly quite exciting to take on roles of legendary heroes, while testing yourself against twenty vivid bonus slot lines. Players are at liberty to discover treasures, explore dungeons, and even battle various monsters in order to collect free additional spins and also a 20x multiplier. You can end your quest by spending all your rewards, starting with five to twenty five free spins in the Fortress Free Spins bonus. Users can retrigger the bonus in order to earn over 180 of the same multiplier’s free spins.

Key Features of Dungeons and Dragons Slots

The slot machine of Dungeons and Dragons game certainly has some stunning animations and graphics put in by Konami and Hasbro. Also, it is known to have a really high ratio of win rates, which makes it quite an awesome and entertaining slot game.

D&D slots has exclusive features such as scatter symbols, stacked wilds, wild symbols, dungeon batter features, fortress free spins, dungeon exploring features, and fortune bonus features. This slot machine game can either be played for real money or for free. If you play for real money, then the denominations being used will be ten to twenty coins, allowing a wager of up to five coins. In the regular multiline slot games, the maximum payouts allowed are about 12,500 credits for each bet line.

Players must be aware that for every coin that is bet, they will enable another one of their pay-lines. They will be paid out for only the enabled paylines’ winning combinations. All of the winning combinations usually pay from reels one to five, which is from left to right. This is in consecutive order, unless it is the polyhedral dice symbol. For this scatter symbol, the pay can be in any direction.

Overall Experience

The fantasy game is entirely based on the legendary series of Dungeons and Dragons, where the player can play one to twenty lines. Also, the game has a hundred credits bet as its maximum. Theoretically, the average return to payers can be about 94.5 percent. Any one of the three hero avatars can be selected by the player, which makes the game all the more exciting. The maximum win is capped to about 250,000 units of currency on any transaction. One transaction usually includes free spin result bonuses along with the outcome that initially launched the bonus. Awards in the game are usually shown in credits and there are no malfunction voids experienced.

Prior to the player’s arrival, the configuration and contents of the dungeon are determined. It usually does not change until the required bonus is complete. Depending on the path chosen by the player, the course of the adventure is determined. In the lower levels of the dungeons, there exist at least more than two stairways that lead to the level above. However, the players can see only the bottom stairs and none of the other stairways.

While playing the game, you will notice that the chambers below the stairways are always empty and no central room stairway exists. The first level of all the dungeons is never inhabited by monsters. Also, the strength of the monsters increases as the player descends deeper into the dungeon. All these features add to the thrill and excitement of the player, making this quite a brilliant video slot game. However, one point that can slightly dampen the players’ spirits is that only one enchanted weapon can be found in each dungeon. Also, each of three characters has quite an equal chance of winning the game.

Dungeons and Dragons Video Game  

There exists a list of video games that are based on the fantasy of Dungeons and Dragons, which includes role playing games, console games, computer games, arcade games, and mobile games. Strategic Simulations Inc. was the first every organization to be granted license to produce video games based on the mythical world of Dungeons and Dragons in 1967.

The crossover audience for the Dungeons and Dragons video games cannot be represented using any sort of statistical diagram because there are so many. The videogames deal with the wonders of escaping to an extremely creative and fantastical world. Since the very first creators of the videogames were unable to put in life-like scenarios into the plot, they relied completely on their massive and brilliant imaginations to create the mythical game. Ever since, all the D&D games are based on elements of fantasy and mystery. Players will need to conjure up weapons and fight battles along with dragons.

The players can choose their own characters and dress them up with their choice of weaponry. Dungeons and Dragons is more than just a basic adventure game. It always has exciting goals such as restoring crowns, saving royalty, or killing monsters. In the process, players get to cross randomly generated rooms, simultaneously fending off obstacles.

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