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Magic of David Copperfield Slot Review
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The greatest magician of all time has a show in the MGM Grand which has been wowing crowds for years – and still continues today. This makes David Copperfield the perfect subject for a Vegas slot. It helps that there is plenty of material from his act to base the game on, with the infamous ‘Death Saw’ taking a prominent role.

This slot is housed in a striking cabinet. There are two screens, both of which are HD. The bottom screen (where the reels are) is a 22 inch touch-screen, while the upper screen is 44 inches – and displays video clips and other graphics which help bring the theme to life. There are plenty of features in this slot, including both smaller ‘mystery bonuses’ as well as free spins games which you will get via the huge saw wheel.

How to Win with the David Copperfield Slot

Like most Bally slots, your bigger wins will come from hitting groups of wins together – rather than one big sequence of a certain symbol. This is certainly helped by having wild symbols on the reels. These can be added to at random by David himself. He will sometimes appear in front of the reels, with a white glow around him. Just by pointing at certain symbols, he will turn them into extra wilds – giving you a lot more winning possibilities. The other mystery bonus is even better, in this one David appears and turns entire reels into wild symbols.

If you get 3 of the saw symbols on the first, third and fifth reels – you get to spin the saw of death. This is essentially a wheel spin bonus, just using the iconic saw instead of a regular wheel. To spin you flip a lever which appears on the screen.

The saw then spins in the upper cabinet, and will either stop at a cash amount (some of these can be large) or on one of the two bonus games. These are the flying free spins and the levitation free spins. During the flying free spins game, you will see lots of small ‘flying’ pictures of David Copperfield on the reels. If you then get a bigger David on reel 5, all of the symbols with the flying guy on will turn into wilds. This can create multiple wins, especially as the regular wild symbols are still in play. The levitation free spins sees entire reels become wild. These walk across the screen, with 2 wild reels each time moving to the left – which can also result in some significant wins.

You will also find a progressive jackpot on this slot, which can be wide area (linked) or specific to an individual casino.

How the David Copperfield Slot Works

This a 5 reel video slot with 3 rows of symbols and 30 win lines. As with all Bally games, you will not be able to alter the number of win lines, so it is just a matter of choosing your bet size. Progressive jackpots usually require larger bets to be in with a chance of a win – remember to check this with your casino before you play.

Symbols on the reels are very much the iconic Copperfield images. These include the playing card with its corner torn off, a red rose, David’s eyes and a full portrait – as well as the death saws. There are multiple video clips and amazing animations, which contrast with the plain grey background to the symbols. Playing card symbols ace down to nine are used for the smaller wins.

To say that the video and audio is impressive would be an understatement. There are some amazing clips from the shows. One example is David getting ‘chopped’ by the Death Saw, and illusions involving levitation. As a final touch I like the chains around the controls for this slot, this brings to mind yet more daring escape tricks.

Overall Experience with David Copperfield

Second to actually checking out the Vegas show, this slot is a must play next time you are in Vegas (or any casino around the country). You’ll find the solid Bally game-play is nicely balanced with mystery bonuses and the main Death Saw bonus game. The inclusion of a progressive jackpot is a great touch too. Make sure you check the mix of amazing graphics and entertaining games on the David Copperfield slot next time you are at a casino.

About David Copperfield

Many people know that David Copperfield is the most successful magician and illusionist of modern times – though many are surprised to hear that he is also the most successful solo entertainer in history too. His shows (which still continue today at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas) have sold 40 million tickets, grossing over $4 billon.

David Copperfield’s career has not only focused on his amazing stage shows. He has been involved in movies, had a TV series and even manages a string of Islands in the Bahama’s which shares his name.

David was born in New Jersey in 1956, his name was David Seth Kotkin – he was performing magic by the age of 10 (under the name Davino the kid magician) and was admitted to the Society of American Magicians by the age of 12. The first of 17 TV series started in 1977 with a one off special for ABC television – which quickly turned into a regular spot with CBS. ‘The Magic of David Copperfield’ can still be watched via re-runs to this day.

With so many crazy stunts during the TV recordings and live shows, it will be no surprise to hear that David has been injured a few times. This included one incident in 1984, when he needed to be rescued from a tank of water and another where a severed finger needed to be re-attached.

With 36 Emmy nominations and a living legend award from the Library of Congress – as well as millions in lifetime earnings. There is little chance of David being deposed from his status of the world’s greatest magician any time soon.

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