Star Signs Slots Machine

What is the first thing that most people look for when they pick up the newspaper? The horoscopes of course! Star Signs is a slot game featured in Bally Technologies' Stepper Slot machines. As the name says, the slot is themed around the Zodiac signs and features symbols that represent each of the 12 zodiac signs. Bally slot machines including the Star Signs slot can be found at some of the best casinos in Vegas today. The theme may seem very mundane, but it is certainly one that manages to catch the attention of an average person. Star Signs is a penny slot machine, which means you need to spend too much for a chance to win big.

Star Signs Slot Theme

The theme of the Star Signs slot game is based on the 12 zodiac signs based on the 12 sectors that the ecliptic is divided into. Each of the zodiac signs represents 12 months in a year and is used to describe the personality traits of people born in each of these months.

Star Signs features all the 12 zodiac signs as the symbols, along with face values on cards such as the A, K, Q, J and 10. The slot has a feature that allows you to choose your zodiac sign, which will then be used as the wild symbol, which can replace every other symbol to make a winning combination. Overall, the game's theme can be not just the Zodiac in general, but your own personal zodiac sign.

Key Features of Star Signs Slot Machine by Bally

Before you start playing this game, the machine will prompt you to choose your sign. Say if your sign is the Libra, you choose the scales and the symbol of scales becomes your wild symbol. The other symbols in the game include face values of cards, the constellation and other zodiac signs. Payouts are offered for five of a kind or three of a kind, when five similar symbols appear on all reels, or three similar symbols appear on the first, third and the fifth reels.

Star Signs is a 5-reel, 50 payline penny slot, which means you can wager as low as 1¢.  The highest award is given when you get five wilds in a row, which will get you 300 times your wager. The game also has the exploding wilds feature, which means that if you get a wild on your winning line, the symbol zooms and explodes to give a certain number of credits. The slot also has a free spins feature, and the number of free spins depend on the number of times you get a certain symbol on the screen.

This interesting slot machine by Bally is not linked to any progressive jackpot, which is a bit of a turn-off for those looking at big jackpots. Nevertheless, Star Signs slot machine offers good payouts and is a great slot to play considering it allows you to customize the symbols based on your preferences.  The overall hit frequency of this slot is 40.54%, which is pretty good compared to many other Vegas type slots out there.

Overall Experience

Star Signs is a slot game that comes in the Stepper Slot Machines of Bally. The Stepper Slots are one of the most popular and distinguished products of Bally Technologies, and are designed for player engagement and comfort. These slots represent all that Bally stands for - innovation, unique design, features and energy efficiency. The machine has world class processor, which means the gaming experience on it will be smooth with rapid graphics and audio features.

Overall, Star Signs is a slot game that you must try when you are at Bally's or any other casino at Vegas featuring it.

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