Hot Spin Slots Machine

Bally Hot Spin Slot Machine

If you enjoy playing slot games with a lot of action, and high paying bonus rounds, you should try the Hot Spin slot game by Bally Technologies. Unlike many other slot games, Hot Spin has very large paying bonus rounds. So the players have the opportunity to win a large payout at the end of this slot game.

Slot games based on themes have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years, as many players enjoy playing slots that are based on popular movies, television series, or even comics. But software manufacturers still produce slot games in the classic format, and Hot Spin is one of them. The developers at Bally Technologies have designed this game with basic aesthetic features, and to make the game exciting for the players, they have introduced several bonus rounds in it.

Key Features in Bally’s Hot Spin Slot Machine

This slot machine consists of 3 reels and 27 paylines. During the game, the players can make a maximum bet of approximately 200 credits, and they have several denominations to choose from. In addition to this, this game has two main bonus rounds. Both these rounds are filled with action, and they give the players an opportunity to win a large bonus amount.

The Hot Spin Wheel feature is the most important bonus round within the game. To start this bonus round, the players need to choose three appropriate bonus symbols. The players have the option of choosing between any of the symbols present on the reels, so it is essential that they choose symbols, which are most prominent on the reels. This bonus round is extremely personalized, as the players win bonus points based on the symbols that they have chosen.

The second bonus round in this game is the Free Games bonus round. As the name suggests, during this bonus round the players have an opportunity to win close to ten free games. During these free games, the players can win large bonuses. As a matter of fact, their final payout at the end of the bonus round can be equal to their total bet, multiplied 10 times.

Even though this game does not have a theme, or high quality graphics, it would appeal to slot game enthusiasts who enjoy playing slots with high stakes. The graphics of this game are fairy simple, and the symbols and the audio settings of the game are not very appealing as well. But the bonus rounds and the payout option of the game are its stand out qualities.

This slot game has more of a classic appeal, but its bonus rounds have the latest features in them. The Free Games bonus round in this game is its most popular bonus round, as it is very lucrative for the players. In fact, during the game, the players can win a maximum payout of close to 500,000 credits multiplied into the chosen denominations.

Bally Technologies – producing innovative game

Bally Technologies has played an important role in improving the slot game industry. Over the years, the company has produced many slot games, and at present, the company has a wide range of slot games, theme based slot games, and even 3D slot games. The latest trend that the company has adopted is to manufacture slot games with ‘Game Within Game’ bonus features. A ‘Game Within Game’ bonus feature helps the players win large payouts. In this format, the players have the opportunity to play multiple miniature slot games in their bonus rounds.

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