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Skee Ball slot games are manufactured by Bally Technologies Inc. which is one of the leading gaming software developers based in the US. Skee Ball is one of the first ever arcade games that garnered attention due to its simplistic approach. Today, Bally Technologies has revolutionized the age-old arcade game into a sophisticated slot machine.

The leading software developer is renowned for producing innovative slot games that include exceptional graphics and a variety of bonus features. Players can avail the Skee Ball slot game at most of the land-based casinos in the United States. Players will find that the slot derives inspiration from the basic elements of the original Skee Ball Game.

Wager up to 800 Casino Credits in Bally Technologies’ Skee Ball Slot

Bally Technologies has released a slot game titled Skee-Ball based on the original Skee Ball arcade game. Players can wager real money on 40 paylines with a minimum and maximum real money wager of 1 cent and $100 respectively. This makes it the ideal game for all types of slots players – high rollers and those that have regular bankrolls.

For players who do not want to risk a large amount of money, but still want to enjoy the game can do so with a minimal wager. The highest real money wager that can be placed in this game is 800 casino credits. As with all slot machines manufactured by Bally Technologies, the gaming console has been designed to enhance real money wagering with a simple touch-screen design and help sections. This also allows players who are not familiar with the original Skee Ball game to wager on this slot.

Graphics and Audio Makes the Skee Ball Slots Game Loads of Fun

Some of the main attractions of a slot machine are the graphics and audio and Bally Technologies does not disappoint with Skee-Ball. The game does not boast of sophisticated symbols, but rather simple ones, that are displayed across five reels, and help players focus on the premise of the game.

Some of the regular symbols in the game are Pink Teddy Bear, Yellow Duck, Small Robot, Race Car and high value cards such as Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The catchy audio complements the graphics beautifully and creates a fun gambling environment. The top line payout is 750 casino credits. The top award can increase based on the denomination of real money wager and line bet selected. The wild symbol in the game is the Spinning Top which acts as a substitute for regular symbols and helps form winning combinations.

Although the Skee-Ball is played like a regular slot, the bonus game is based on the original arcade game. Players are offered the layout of the arcade game where they can roll the ball with a swipe of their fingers on the touch-screen to set the ball rolling. The usual denomination pockets of 50, 40, 30, 20, and 10 are offered in this bonus game. The Skee-Ball slot has received a number of awards including the Top 20 Most Innovative Gaming Technology Award in 2011.

History of Skee Ball

Skee Ball was conceived in Philadelphia during the early 1900s by Dickinson Este. As the game garnered popularity and a loyal fan base, its rights were sold to a number of companies in 1930s and 1940s. A company called Skee Ball inc. was set up by the Philadelphia Toboggan Company in the late 1970s. This organization is currently based in Pennsylvania.

Skee Ball became one of the most successful arcade games where children and adults alike enjoyed playing the skill-based game. As players were offered prizes when they won, the game was considered to encourage gambling, and several establishments banned the game in their premises.

Today, the game is so popular that Skee Ball tournaments are held on a regular basis at several cities in the US. The basic premise of the game is to roll the balls up an inclined platform where they have to land in the high denomination pockets. Chuck E. Cheese’s, which is a successful arcade and restaurant chain in the US offer Skee Ball games in most of their outlets. It was inevitable that a game that enjoyed such popularity would be converted to a slot game format.

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