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Sumo Kitty is one of the latest slot machine games that was released by Bally Technology. The game, as the title suggests, is based on a cat which is also a sumo wrestler. The slot has garnered attention as it is one of the few that is being showcased in the 32-inch vertical portrait or V32 cabinet. This allows players to have a unique gaming experience where the animations will be enhanced.

Bally Technology was founded in the late 1960s and today, is one of the largest and formidable gaming companies in the world. Based in Las Vegas, Nevada, the company is renowned for releasing some of the most successful slot games in the gambling industry. Slot machines by Bally Technology can be availed at most of the land-based casinos in the US. The organization has an enviable reputation for it offers the perfect balance between gaming and gambling entertainment.

Win up to 5000 Casino Credits in Sumo Kitty Slot

The slot offers plays over 1000 ways to win payouts and vibrant symbols are displayed on five reels. Players can wager real money on a variety of coin denominations that range from 1 cent to $500. With a maximum wager of 2500 casino credits, this could be the perfect game for high rollers. The top payout offered to players in the Sumo Kitty slot is 5000 casino credits multiplied by the wager amount. This is one of the biggest line payouts among slot machines.

The game screen has been designed in an easy-to-use format where information about the symbols and the paytable can be obtained with a single click. Real money wagering is a hassle-free experience with the Sumo Kitty slot as Bally Technology has ensured that the gaming console has been created in a simple design.

Avail Innovative Bonus Features, Select Free Games and Multipliers

A slot game is as successful as its symbols and bonus features. The graphics in Sumo Kitty are clear and simple which allows players to concentrate on the game. This is where players will come to appreciate the 32 inch video screen as it offered a unique video slot experience as the game is almost life-size. Some of the regular symbols in the game include Green Tree, Smiling Kitty, Lotus as well as high value cards such as Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten and Nine.

Bally Technology has introduced an innovative twist to the bonus features in Sumo Kitty slot. This is one of the first games to have the Hot Zone feature. During regular play, hot zones or blocks in random designs will cascade over the reels and if they fall on the reels, those symbols turn into wilds which offer payouts. In the Super Hot Zone, the cascading hot zone blocks can turn the symbols into wild multipliers which means players have an incredible opportunity to win significant amounts of money.

Players activate the free games when they hit three scatter symbols of the Sumo Kitty. Bally Technology offers players a chance to select the number of free games and the multipliers they require. The free games on offer are 5, 10 and 20 with multipliers ranging from 20x to 2x. The higher the number of free games, the lower the multipliers. This is a revolutionary concept as a number of free games are usually allotted and not presented as an option in regular slots.

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