Lightning Jackpots Slots Machine

Lightning Jackpots Slot Review

If you enjoy playing slot games with exciting bonus rounds, you should try your luck with Lightning Jackpots slot game. This thrilling slot game by Bally Technologies is extremely fast-paced, and it has several bonuses in it. In order to make the game more exciting, the developers have used the ‘Game Within Game’ feature in it, and they are happy with the response that the slot game has received.

The Lightning Jackpot slot game is not a theme based slot game, and the developers have concentrated more on its bonus features. Bally Technologies believes in making games with strong bonus options, and the Lightning Jackpot is a perfect example of such games.

Key Features of Lightning Jackpot Slots

This slot game has 40 paylines and 15 reels, and it gives the players several opportunities to multiply their winnings. The maximum bet that a player can make during this game is 2,000 credits, but there are various denominations that can be used by the player, during the various stages of the game. This game has two main bonus features; they are the Lightning Tower bonus, and the Plasma Tower bonus. Along with these two bonus rounds, this game has a progressive jackpot option that the players can use to win a large payout.

Bally’s Lightning Jackpot Bonus Rounds

This game consists of two main bonus rounds, that is, the Plasma Wild bonus, and the Lighting Tower bonus. In order to initiate the Plasma Wild bonus round the players need to receive close five or more Plasma symbols on their screen. These symbols can be present on any of the reels, but they need to appear collectively during one spin. When a player enters this bonus round, he or she has access to several symbols that awards wilds, so the player can earn a large bonus in this round.

The Lightning Tower bonus on the other hand is the most fascinating bonus round within the game. This is because, this bonus round is based on the ‘Game Within Game’ feature. So when the player enters this bonus round, he or she has access to 15 miniature slot games. The miniature versions of the slot games appear one after the other, and they give the player an opportunity to earn credits. This bonus round is extremely fast-paced and it is filled with action, and many players enjoy this round.

Overall Experience

Bally Technologies believes in manufacturing slot games with sensational designs, and Lightning Jackpot is one of the superior quality games produced by the company. The developers of this game have paid close attention to all of its details, and they have ensured that the players have a lot of fun while playing this game.

Most of the present game developers design their slot games on the basis of a theme. But this game does not focus on any theme, and it is concentrates on the game play involved in slot games. The bonus rounds of the game are designed to appeal to the viewers, and they are packed with action. The fact that the developers of this game have used the ‘Game Within Game’ feature in this slot game showcases that they wanted the players to have a lot of fun while playing the game. In addition to this, this feature gives the players an opportunity to win a large payout at the end as well. In fact, if the players are lucky enough, they can win a final payout of the total bet, multiplied by 10,000 credits in this slot game.

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