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Code Red is a slot machine game created by Bally Technologies and is one of the most popular casino games in the world. Due to its basic old-style reel, many long-time players are hooked to this revolutionary slot game. Bally has achieved another milestone in the field of slot machine production by implementing several new technologies in the game. Code Red is the first game to be featured on Bally’s new Alpha 2 platform ProSeries Curve gaming cabinets.

Awards for Code Red Slots and Bally Technologies

Bally Technologies is a leading manufacturer of slot machines and casino management systems. It designs, builds, runs, and supplies advanced gaming systems, devices, and technology throughout the world. Since its early beginnings in 1932, this Las Vegas-based company has received multiple awards and recognitions for its products and achievements. Code Red is one of Bally’s many innovative creations.

In June 2011, Code Red slot received the Attendee’s Choice Award and the Gold Award in the “Top 20 Most Innovative Products Awards” held annually. Aside from Code Red, Bally Technologies received honors for three other products – the iDeck button pad, the Service Tracking Manager, and the TableView Chip Recognition, which were named among the top 20 products. The same year, Code Red finished third in the Slot Floor Technology Awards.

Code Red is available on the new gaming cabinet from Bally, called the ProSeries Curve. The cabinet is one of the first in the industry to feature curved 22” LCD display. This leading-edge technology makes the video reels almost identical to mechanical reels and it has successfully captured the essence of the traditional slot machine. With the ProSeries Curve cabinet, it’s possible to configure themes, and it also supports 3-5 reel slot games.

The award-winning U-Spin feature allows players to use gestures to control the wheel spin. This feature is enabled using a touchscreen display that is fitted in front of the curved LCD. The movements and actions of the players can determine the way the wheel is spun. The amount of pressure applied while spinning the wheel also provides the same results like a real wheel. Overall, the simulation of the wheel spin is remarkably accurate and life-like.

The innovative i-Deck feature is also included in the Code Red slot. This feature is basically a single screen LCD that acts as a button pad and works just like physical buttons. This feature allows players to get a unique gaming experience that is thoroughly enjoyable. The feature’s innovative technology simultaneously recognizes around 20 different touch locations. Code Red slot uses Alpha 2 gaming platform, which is the one of the latest platforms developed by Bally. It runs on an Intel Multi-core processor and 3D video card, making it possible to display high-definition videos and life-like reels.

Bonus features on the Code Red Slot Machine

Bally Technologies aims to provide players with multiple options and bonus features. The Code Red slot machine accepts a wide range of coin denominations from 1 penny to $50, and players can win up to 200,000 credits. This 5-reel slot machine allows a maximum one-time bet of 300 credits. This next generation slot machine features Free Game play, where it displays the possible bonus awards on top of each reel. The awards may range from locked wild symbols, locked wild reel, or bonus credits. When the Code Red symbol appears, players receive the previewed award. A random award may also replace the received award.

All the bonus events occur quite frequently. The main bonus event is the Wheel Bonus, where the reels are replaced by the virtual wheel. This bonus is enabled by the U-Spin feature. Players may receive awards like free games, bonus credits, or one progressive jackpot. These awards are displayed on the top of the cabinet. The game resets are different levels ranging from yellow to red. When a Wild Bonus is spun, it adds another wild reel that awards players with different credits and bonuses.

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