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In response to the success of Hot Spin and Cash Spin, Bally Technologies has released its latest video wheel game – Money Talks! Using the ALPHA Elite V32 platform for its presentation, the game is played on a vertical 32-inch monitor and uses the popular U-Spin feature. Among the most attractive aspects of the game is the players’ necessity for physical touch of the wheel, thereby spinning it on the screen. “Gesture control”, an advanced technology, is also used by Bally Technologies, so that the wheel is spun at a pace that corresponds to the players’ application of pressure.

Interesting Features and Bonuses on Money Talks Slots

Money Talks is a rare game that features everything that players love and know about Cash Spin, with the addition of a few amazing new features. Bally’s exceptional new 3-reel, 200/400 credits and 27-line bet game can be played for denominations of one cent, two cents, three cents, five cents, 10 cents, 15 cents, 20 cents, 25 cents, 50 cents, and single denominations starting from $1. The maximum amount at which the game is available is $200. Money Talks features an external, internal, or single level progressive. $5,000 is the amount at which the progressive jackpot resets. The three unique bonus features present in the game are Wheel Bonus, Free Games, and Pick Bonus.

How to Win the Wheel Bonus on Money Talks

When the wheel is spun every 73 times on average, the Wheel Bonus is activated. Reel three is where the action takes place when a U-Spin Wheel sign lands within one spot of the payline in the center. Players get to spin the wheel once, giving them the chance to win the jackpot, Free Games, or one credit award. On an average, the maximum bet for this bonus rewards players with 4.670 credits.

Money Talks Slots Free Games Bonus

If the player manages to land on the Free Games spot on spinning the giant wheel, he/she will be awarded free spins (ten to fifty). The wheel is spun so that the credit value awarded for hitting each free game and money bag is determined. The maximum bet for this bonus rewards players with 7,422 credits on an average.

The Pick Bonus on Money Talks Slot Machines

When a player triggers three symbols of scattered money bags, the Pick Bonus gets activated on the Money Talks online slot. You will be prompted to choose one money bag out of the three so as to reveal your winnings which may either be an extra pick, some free games, or one credit award. The average awards for this bonus at maximum bet are 1,520 credits.

Excellent graphics and the sensational wheel-spin makes the Money Talks one of the most realistic games out there, bringing the Las Vegas ambience into every casino. The effervescent colors and incredible experience of gaming takes the casino to a new level. With a hit frequency of 33.04 per cent and a theoretical hold between 3.94 per cent and 12 per cent, the slot game has made its way to the top of the gaming industry, leaving no surprise that players listen when money talks!

Bally Technologies is among the leading manufacturers of gaming technology. Located in Las Vegas, the firm was established in 1968. Formerly called APT (Advanced Patent Technology), its name was eventually changed to AG (Alliance Gaming). The company then went on to acquire BGI (Bally Gaming International) in 1966, and its name changed again. It came to be known as Bally Technologies Inc.

Bally takes pride in being recognized as the very first company in the gaming business to have been listed on NYSE (New York Stock Exchange). Leading the way in video machines, interactive systems, and video slots for the global gaming industry, Bally Technologies has been credited with various technological milestones. Among these milestones include the reel-spinning slot game machine that is completely electronic. Money Talks is the company’s latest product, and like the ones before it, it has managed to become one of the most sought-after slot machines in the market.

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