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Grease is a slot machine game developed by Bally Technologies. Based on the blockbuster film of the same name, the slot brings to life all the fun and frolic of its main characters Danny and Sandy. Over the years, slot games have been produced under different genres, such as fantasy, action, and science-fiction. However, the most attractive theme or genre has always been film-based as they allow players to re-visit their favorite characters. The Grease slot machine is available for real money play at all the leading land-based casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Bally Creates Exclusive Grease Slot Game in Simple Design

Slot machines are fun to play as they do not require any strategy and are based on luck. The Grease slot machine takes it one step further with a simple and clean design to make real money wagering a hassle-free experience. The machine features a red LED image of John Travolta and Olivia John-Newton in their famous characters with the title displayed prominently.

The gaming console has a simple design where players can wager real money in a hassle-free manner. Information about the game, its bonus rounds and symbols is available in the Menu or Help. This allows players to get an idea about the game and its basic premise. Most often than not, slot machines come with complicated instructions. However, Bally has ensured that its players are provided a unique and stress-free gaming and gambling environment with this slot machine.

The Grease slot offers 50 paylines and 10 reels. This is a far cry from other slot machines that typically offer 30 paylines and five reels.  The maximum number of credits players can wager in the Grease slot is 300. The minimum real money slot machine wager required to play this game is one cent. The game offers an unbeatable jackpot amount worth more than 35,000,000 coins.

The game offers MulyiPlay feature which means players are offered two game screens. One has 50 paylines and ten reels and the other has 25 paylines and five reels. As the game includes a progressive jackpot, players will have to wager on both games to qualify for it. Maximum wagers will have to be placed on the paylines for entering the progressive jackpot in the Grease slot.

Bet On Your Favorite Grease Characters with Well-Designed Symbols

When creating a slot machine based on a movie, it is important to feature as many elements of the movie as is possible in the game. Bally Technologies, with its expertise in gaming software, does not disappoint. Fans of the film will be delighted with the game as it not only includes popular elements from the movie but also features them in crystal-clear graphics and sound-effects.

The symbols in the game include all the principal characters from the movie, such as Danny, Sandy and their friends. Other symbols include a Red Popcorn Box and high value cards such as Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The T-Birds and Pink Ladies also make an appearance as symbols in the game.

The game also includes stellar audio which features the famous soundtracks from the movie. The sound-effects can be enjoyed in surround speakers that will not only delight fans, but will also serve to enhance the quality of the game. Unlike other slots, the audio complements the graphics in the game beautifully.

Multiple Bonus Rounds on the New Grease Slots Machine

Bonus rounds are inherent to a slot machine’s success. Bally Technologies has offered a number of bonus rounds to its loyal customers in the Grease slot. Some of them are Your Pick Bonus, How Cool Are You Racing, T-Bird Mystery Bonus, Too Pure to be Pink and Yearbook u-Spin Bonus.

The u-Spin technology is one of Bally’s revolutionary slot machine innovations that allow interactive wagering. Players can physically play the game by using the touchscreen of the video slot to spin reels or choose from options. This is a fun way to attract players and have a never-before-seen gaming experience.

Magic of the Movie Grease Lives On in Bally’s Slot

Grease features the story of two teenagers who fall in love and their experiences at high school. Produced by Paramount Pictures, the film was released in the late 1970s. it was one of the first musical films that garnered such world-wide acclaim and later on, cult status. It transformed John Travolta, the lead character, into a sensation. Directed by Randal Kleiser, the movie is referred to as one of the great classics in Hollywood.

About Bally Technologies and its Slot Machines

Bally Technologies is one of the pioneers in the gaming and gambling industry. But, it did not start out that way. The journey was a long and arduous one filled with acquisitions and mergers. The company was founded in the late 1960s by Alvin Snapper and Jack Solomon under a different name – Advanced Patent Technology. The organization moved into the gaming arena in the late 1970s and has since produced top-notch gaming products. Bally Technologies, today, has an enviable slot machine portfolio, which boasts of different themes and features, and also offers software to some of the leading casino sites.

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