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Betty Boop is amongst the most famous animated cartoon characters of the yesteryears before it was usurped by the characters from Disney. Based on this particular character, Bally Technologies, an online gaming software developer based in Las Vegas, Nevada, came up with an online slots game. Quite fittingly, they named the slots game after Betty Boop, which is one among the most popular slot games available in online casinos that are powered by the Bally Technologies’ software.

There are a couple of different versions of the Betty Boop themed slots game that are going to be explained in detail later on in this article. They are Betty Boop Love Meter and the Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller. The main theme of this slot game revolves around the main character of this cartoon series, Betty Boop.

Slots with Betty Boop theme are designed in such a way that the theme of the game completely encompasses what the creators of the character tried to convey to their fans: fun and a little bit more fun! At the same time, the developers at Bally have not strayed away from the basic purpose of this game, to make some good money by playing high quality slots.

When you launch the game and look at the user interface, you realize that the designers at Bally have tried to understand all the small details related to Betty Boop and tried to incorporate them into the game. The graphics looks really neat and precise. All the features of the game are designed in such a way that they don’t go away from the main theme of the game. Although the characters from Betty Boop are almost 100 years old, you cannot but feel fascinated and attracted towards those icons that the designers at Bally have incorporated into the game.

Betty Boop Love Meter Slot Machine

The most noteworthy features of Betty Boop Love Meter are that it is running on the Alpha II Pro Series platform, one of Bally Technologies’ innovative and high-tech technology platforms. So, expect this game to have an amazing performance and features as the Alpha II Pro Series is very highly rated amongst all the other technological platforms available for gaming.

Betty Boop Love Meter has five reels and forty pay lines. So, there are a number of opportunities for you to score a win. This is not just speculation as statistics show that the frequency of hits on this particular slot game is an amazing 45.55%, which is amongst the best hit rates you can have on a slots machine.

If you want to buy a single credit, it just costs you one cent and unfortunately, or fortunately for some, there is an upper limit on the number of credits that you can bet. That number is 300 and although you can bet as much as you want, this feature might just avoid you huge losses. Also, there are three different levels of progressive options in the game accompanied by a number of bonus features that give you lots of opportunities to maximize your winnings as much as you can. Above all, you have everything to play for with one of the biggest top prizes, a sum of one million dollars.

The First Bally Slot Machine to Feature ‘iDECK’

Another noteworthy feature about the Betty Boop Love Meter slot is that it is the foremost slots game from Bally to have the ‘iDECK’ feature. The ‘iDECK’ control panel is used by games to incorporate touch screen into the game controls. In the context of Betty Boop Love Meter, the ‘iDECK’ feature has enabled the game developers to incorporate more wagering buttons on the game interface. When you are not wagering, this screen serves as a bonuses display unit.

Although you might feel an extra bonus screen might be something of overkill, it is completely worth it. Features like Light Up Betty, Betty’s Purse, How Hot are You, Free Games and Unlock Betty’s Heart make the additional screen completely worth it.

Betty Boop Fortune Teller Slot Machine

The slot Betty Boop Fortune Teller is the newest slots offering of Bally Technologies with a Betty Boop theme. This game is based on the revolutionary U-spin technology that is innovative and state-of-the-art. This technology is used in the Fortune Wheel feature of Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller. There are six bonus features in this game with additional progressive jackpots. Betty’s Healing Crystal, Palm Reading, Tarot Reading, U-Choose Free Games, and Betty’s Treasure Chest with the fortune wheel make up the six bonuses.

A Little About Betty Boop

Max Fleischer, who is the creator of Betty Boop and founder of Fleischer Studios, finalized the character as we know her in the year 1932. Betty Boop is more known as a girl who has very large heart and very little brains! Not only did Betty appear in her own series but also made an appearance in over 10 other cartoon series. Margie Hines was the person who lent voice to Betty Boop in her first ever release and she was replaced by a number of other artistes over the years. Betty Boop series was so successful that it was telecasted repeatedly on the television over a couple of networks. Also, a DVD series of Betty Boop was released, which also proved to be as successful as the TV series. Betty Boop’s appearance was based around the Boop-Boop-a-Doop girl Helen Kane, who is famous for her song “I Wanna Be Loved by You“.

Bally Technologies is based in Las Vegas in the state of Nevada. The company was founded in the year 1968 but back then, it was called Advanced Patent Technology. The name was officially changed to Bally Technologies in the year 1996 after the company that acquired it, Bally Manufacturing Corporation. Today, Bally Technologies is among the top players in gaming software providing niche and many companies consider Bally as a benchmark. The company has tie ups with some of the leading casinos in the USA and also outside it. With time, Bally Technologies has been growing in both the number of casinos that it supports and also the number of game offerings.

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