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Popular Television Themed Slots
Popular TV Themed Slots

Ever since television was introduced to the public in 1928, it’s been acting as a source of comfort, information, and entertainment. With a single click of the remote, viewers immediately have access to hundreds of channels of programming, with shows ranging from the intellectual to the downright ridiculous.

But sometimes the public’s love for their favorite shows transcends their flat-screen monitors, which is why crossover innovations such as TV themed slots have exploded in popularity over the last decade. Thanks to new and innovative technology, players can visit their favorite casino and relive some of the greatest moments on television thanks to genuine audio and video clips from shows.

This article is meant to give you a brief idea of some of the TV show slots currently available in casinos. Whether you’re playing online or at a land-based location like Macau or Vegas, you’ll be awash in TV theme songs and videos depicting Jed Clampett, Judge Judy, and all your other favorites.

Popular Slot Machines Based Around TV Shows

Slot Machines Based on Television Shows

Pawn Stars – In 2012, this show about pawn shop owners seeking a profit was the top non-fiction cable show in the United States. It’s broadcast in 37 different languages and enjoys massive popularity in Italy, Latin America, and even Singapore. Bally Technologies took a chance on converting it into a slot machine, and now the Pawn Stars logo can be spotted in leading land-based casinos.

All your favorite characters are present in the game, including Chumlee, Corey, Rick, and Old Man. Pawn Stars is a 5-reel slot with 25 paylines and a max wager of 250 credits. Available denominations per spin range from a penny to $1,000. The game’s top prize pays out 18,400 credits multiplied by the denomination and total bet.

A bonus wheel positioned above the game offers 11 different payout possibilities, and five negotiation bonuses capture the haggling spirit of the television show. In addition to wild symbols, free games, and pick ‘em features, players can also collect items during the base game and later sell them to the pawn stars for extra credits. I’m especially fond of this last option, as it makes me feel like I’m part of the show.

Family Guy– Manufactured by IGT, this irreverent slot machine is based on the animated hit from creator Seth MacFarlane. Six multi-level progressives are available, and the game has 5 reels and 30 paylines. Animation has been created specifically for the game, and your favorite characters may show up at any time to deliver wilds, scatter pays, and bonus spins. The six bonus rounds are each linked to a specific character, event, or location, and these include the following: The Drunken Clam, Lois, Chris, Stewie, Brian, and the always-popular Chicken Fight.

The Twilight Zone – Rod Serling was a legendary writer during the golden age of television, and his genius lives on thanks to the TV themed slot based on his creation. Players can choose from three different dimensions for the base game, with each delivering a distinctive look and reel configuration. In addition to trivia questions, puzzles, and random features, The Twilight Zone slot also includes seven bonus rounds with footage from the original series. These include: Dimensions of the Twilight Zone, A Most Unusual Puzzle, Into the Zone, A Kind of Machine, and Enter the Wheel Zone.

Sex and the City– Hit the town with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha in this slot machine adaptation of the hit HBO series. Up to four games can be played at the same time, and actual video clips from the show will put you in the mood to sip a cocktail or buy a designer handbag. Bonus rounds and progressive picks follow the show’s unique theme, with many bonuses centering on a specific character (including Mr. Big).

Judge Judy – Another winner from IGT, this 5-reel video slot offers 720 different ways to win. The base game will keep players interested with various features, but Judge Judy really shines when it comes to bonus games. Enter the Courtroom allows players to find credit values that are then added to a multiplier, while Spin for Justice awards credits or bonuses on the game’s 55-inch screen. My favorite feature is You Make the Call, which allows players to see clips from an actual Judge Judy case and then guess the outcome.

CSI– The CSI franchise continues to be a hit for CBS, and this popular video slot allows you to enjoy either the original program, CSI: Miami, or CSI: New York. All your favorite characters are also present, including Lt. Horatio Caine, Catherine Willows, and Det. Mac Taylor.

Players interact with scenes from their favorite shows, and extra wild symbols can be revealed by hitting the Trace Evidence Bonus. Earn 12 free games with the Crime Lab Free Games Award, and there’s a possibility that these spins can be retriggered. Find the correct DNA, and your winnings will be multiplied for an even bigger payday.

There’s also the Crime Scene Pick Bonus, where players investigate a murder scene while also looking for bonus spins and credits. Find three or more pieces of evidence to activate the Crime Labs Free Games award, which results in a dozen complimentary spins.

The Beverly Hillbillies – The official title of the game is The Beverly Hillbillies Millionaire Mile, and up to 500 credits can be wagered on each spin of the reels. Clip from the classic TV comedy are displayed at specified times, and it’s always fun to see the antics of Jed, Granny, Elly May and Jethro. The game includes three bonus rounds, and each of these can result in the player receiving free spins, bonus cash, or a major progressive jackpot. Once you get through playing, you may have the urge to load up your truck and move to Beverly (Hills, that is).

TV themed slots aren’t going anywhere, as the enduring popularity of classic shows ensures that manufacturers will never run out of possibilities for new games. While some of the hottest slots tend to be related to classic shows of the black-and-white era, an increasing number of games from the last few decades are now arriving on the scene. In the not-so-distant future, I wouldn’t be surprised to see TV slot machines hitting the casino floor the same year that a show makes its debut.