Happy Days Slots Machine

Happy Days Slot Review

Theme based slots have gained a lot of importance in the past few years. These are usually based on popular television shows, movies, or comic books like The Beverly Hillbillies, Family Guy and Grease . They are found in most of the leading casinos, as they attract the fans of these respective mediums instantly. The Happy Days slot game by WMS is based on the popular television series Happy Days, and when this themed slot game was released in the market, there was a lot of controversy over it. Nonetheless, this is one of the popular slot games manufactured by the company, and many regular players enjoy playing this themed slot game.

Happy Days Slot Machine Features

The Happy Days online slot game by WMS has many exciting features, and it gives the players an opportunity to make a lot of money during the bonus rounds. This themed game is in the multi-level progressive game format. In this format of the game, when a player makes an additional or an extra bet, he or she is given a free spin instead of free credits. So, all the players who play this game and make extra bets, make a contribution to the Local Area Progressive number of the free spins in the game. Therefore, the players playing on this game are linked to each other in terms of the extra bets and the free spins.

Free Spins Game and Symbols on Happy Days Slot Machine

This game gives the players an opportunity to cash in a lot of free spins, based on the symbols that appear on the players screen. When the players get an award of a diamond symbol, they receive up to 50 free spins. When the players receive the platinum symbol, they receive close to 20 free spins. While the gold and the silver symbols earn the players, 15 and 10 free spins respectively. In addition to this, the vinyl symbol earns the players approximately 7 free spins.

When the players play the free spin mode, they have the opportunity of amplifying their spins with the help of the Happy Days multiplier, a special feature in this game. If the players place higher bets during the game, their Happy Days multiplier value also increases. During the game, some of the players can trigger a Happy Days Mystery free spin as well. This is the most fascinating free spin during the game. This is because during this spin, the players can combine all their Happy Days multipliers and win a large amount of money.

Happy Days Slot Platform

Happy Days slot machines are available on the Bluebird platform offered by WMS. The Bluebird platform is at present, one of the basic platforms used by the company. This platform has impressive audio and visual features; however, it is not as interactive as the Bluebird xD platform. Presently, WMS is trying to introduce new features to all of its existing platforms so that the players can have a better gaming experience, especially when they are playing on theme-based slots.

Happy Days Televsion Show – A Popular TV Series in America

The developers at WMS decided to make a theme based slot on Happy Days, as it was a popular television series in American households. This show or sitcom was aired on television in 1974, and it was on air until 1984. It was telecasted on the ABC channel and was created by Garry Marshal. The show was based on idealized life in the 1950s to 1960s in the US. It starred some popular personalities of the time, such as, Marion Ross, Ron Howard, Tom Bosley, Henry Winkler, Anson Williams, Donny Most, Erin Moran, and Scott Baio.

The show gained a lot of popularity when it was aired for the first time itself as its story line appealed to most American households. The story of the show was set in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which had its own Midwestern US charm. This show was specifically popular among the teenagers as Richie Cunningham; one of the main characters of the show was a teenager. Apart from Richie, the show revolved around Howard and Marion, Richie’s parents, and his younger sister Joanie.

The first few episodes of this show revolved around Richie and his friends, the various adventures in their lives, and their day-to-day routine. However, as the series progressed the character of Fonzie gained a lot of popularity among the viewers. Fonzie was the rebellious character on the show who became the upstairs tenant of the family. Being a high school dropout, a ladies’ man, and a biker, Fonzie’s character became very popular among women. This character was praised for his sense of humor as well.

The makers of this series portrayed the 1950s charm in this show, like many other popular movies and television series of the time. The first two seasons of this show were filmed with a single camera set-up, but that did not prohibit the brilliant acting of the characters on the screen. As a matter of fact, the limited camera setting helped in creating the old world charm in a better way.

Apart from the characters on the show, the background music of the show gained a lot of importance as well. All the seasons of the show had very well compiled background scores that appealed to the audiences. In the first two seasons, the producers used some new tracks on the show to promote it. The show completed 11 seasons in all, out of which the 4th, 5th, and 6th season received the best rating from the audiences and the critics.

Overall, this show has been rated among the top 30 television series that have been aired in the US so far. Looking at the popularity and nostalgia attached to this show, the developers at WMS chose to make a TV theme-based slot around it, so that all the fans of the show would have a medium to recall it. This slot game tries to replicate the appearance and audio quality of the show, and it has received a good response from the fans of the show, and the regular players as well.

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