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Aladdin & Magic Quest Slot Review

Aladdin & the Magic Quest is a slots game from WMS which is one of the largest makers of slot machines in the world. This game is themed around the fantastic Arabic world of Aladdin and takes you to a ride in the vivid settings of a different world. The game is a 40 lines and 5 reels video slot that is available in both nickel and penny denominations. The game offers a top prize of 750,000 credits or the wide area progressive jackpot.

This game includes Sensory Immersion 2.0 chair, which provides the usual surround sound and rubble seat, apart from moving in some of the bonus rounds with the pace of the game. And this is regardless of the amount you have bet on the line. The chair will move when you reach the specific bonus rounds. Players can still change the settings of the game to disable the motion element in the chair. The sound and visualization of the game keep you completely immersed in the slots and give you an authentic gaming experience.

Features of Aladdin Magic Quest

This game has five Magic Features which are triggered randomly by the players. These include scatter pay, wild wins, win multipliers, and instant bonus. Bonus rounds are included in the game to make it more exciting for players.

On landing with three of the scatter symbols – Genie lamp – the bonus round gets activated. This round starts with players entering a cave that has a waterfall as well as three doors that represent the three available bonus rounds. Players have to select from among ten enchanted stones to find which bonus round they will play.

A Mystical Spins free spin bonus round can be triggered with a 30% probability. This game takes place at the same location as the last round. Ten free spins are awarded to players and have a 2x-4x multiplier attached with the spins. The free spins can be re-triggered by landing on three or more scatters.

The next bonus is the Aladdin’s Magical Flight feature. In this round, players get to “fly” with Aladdin in his magical carpet as the motion chair emulates movement of the carpet. This round sees Aladdin warding off attacks from the Genie. When flying, players are given a choice among different items such as arks, cherubs, henchman, and scorpions. The choices determine the future course of the bonus round.

You also get to play a Sky Bonus round within the Magical Flight round. In this round, players have to collect diamonds and the round ends when a player lands on a fireball.

Next is the Clash of the Genie round. This round also uses the motion chair to complete advantage. The aim of this round is locating the princess. This is done by first disarming the armor worn by the Genie by choosing different jewels present in the armor. As you remove each new piece, your chances of finding the princess increase. Winning against all four pieces of armor of the Genie is the best way to find the princess. On winning this round, players get a 100x multiplier bonus.

Apart from these, there is a progressive bonus associated with the game. This gets triggered on landing with five of the progressive symbols on the first line with the maximum possible bet.

Overall Experience

Aladdin & the Magic Quest is a complete slots game, as in it provides all the standard features of a slot game, including bonus rounds, multiple betting lines, wild and scatter wins, and even a progressive jackpot. Try out this exciting game from WMS to experience the magical world of Aladdin for yourself. Other games you might also enjoy include Sex and the City, Hangover, Hot Shot and Beverly Hillbillies.

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