Kiss Slots Machine

Kiss Slot Review

If you’re looking for an experience synonymous with the good ol’ rock n’ roll music, WMS Gaming’s KISS slot machines will offer you an incredible time at the casino. One of America’s most famous bands has been brought back to life on the casino floor as rock n’ roll fans all over the world have expressed their delight with KISS’ new slot game. The game debuted at the 12th yearly G2E (Global Gaming Expo) in Las Vegas last year, and Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley – the original and legendary band members of KISS, were in attendance to mark the occasion. The deal which saw the inception of this incredible new game was brokered by the band’s exclusive global licensing agent, Live Nation Merchandise.

New and Enhanced Slots Features for KISS Slots Machine

KISS slot machines feature tracks that have been made popular by Kiss – one of the most commercially successful and recognized bands on the planet. The multi-array games on the slot machine come with unique features, adding to the players’ excitement levels. Any spin has the potential to award players with 1, 2 or 3 extra video reel sets, and each of them has been improved with the removal of low-credit symbols and the addition of WILD symbols.

Backstage Passes are an exclusive feature that players may be awarded if they get more than two bonus symbols to line up on the reels. Players have the option to choose a Pass that can reward them with the free spin bonus on Rock n’ Records. Other interesting free spin bonus features include the KISS Alive! and Band Prize. Kiss Alive! is a bonus that features surround sound that’s near-concert-like, and also has intriguing new interpretations wherein bonuses are picked by soundtracks that are “Hotter than Hell”. KISS slot machines are among the most exciting ones out there, mainly because of the fact that they change normal casino slots into round-the-clock party mode thanks to “Rock n’ Roll All Night & Party Every Day.”

Popular Tracks and Band Member Personas

KISS slot machines feature the personas of band members from popular tracks such as “Catman”, “Starchild”, “Spaceman” and “Demon” that make players come back for fantastic music and thrilling bonus rounds. The band, KISS, holds the record for being awarded almost 30 gold albums, making it the most any rock band in the U.S has ever won! Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, KISS’ co-founders revealed that they spend around 40 years trying to bring the KISS experience along with their spectacle music to life. With so many amazing features and exciting bonus rounds, KISS has taken fans by storm as casinos all around the world prepare for an incredible rock n’ roll extravaganza.

KISS is legendary and a unique band that has provided exciting entertainment for fans throughout the world for the past forty years! The game designers at WMS have elegantly combined the band’s energetic appeal and its distinctive music to create a slot experience that’s likely to entertain and engage slots players all around the world. The game features every aspect that has made KISS among the most popular bands ever, from their album artwork and unique look, to their all-time top hits. There is little doubt that the game is set for long-term success!

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