The Godfather Slots Machine

The Godfather Slot Review

Based on the thrilling and popular movie trilogy of The Godfather, WMS has launched a new range of slots to bring a whole new level of experience to players in the avenue of local area progressive slots. The slot displays a stunning outlook with an air that can almost be compared to Don Corleone himself. It stands in the world’s popular casinos, and waits to recruit players into the New York City Mafia family.

The Thrilling Mafia Slot Machine Theme

This game is available in two different themes including the 25-payline Corleone’s Office, and the 243-way My Daughter’s Wedding to show players both sides of Vito Corleone’s life. Designed around the theme of The Godfather, this slot has multiple levels with progressive wins to increase the chances of winning bonus prizes for a player. Sunny Corleone takes the players through the game levels, right from the first level as they work their way into the Corleone family. Once a part of the family, the players would have to take offers that they simply cannot refuse. Gradually they would have to complete the challenges set by Sonny to access bonus features and win a fortune through the gambling actions of the family.

The Devious Game Play for Corleone Players

Promising as its name, The Godfather online slot is indeed stunning with 5 reels and 20 or 25 paylines depending on the theme, and comes with a Gold Jackpot feature. Similar to the criminal dealings of the Mafia family, the slot itself looks like a gambler’s corner with The Godfather symbol as the wild symbol. The house adds a certain percentage of the betting amount to each of the four running Gold Jackpots. The Godfather symbol is also a multiplier feature that doubles the winnings if a winning combination appears on the reels.

The Godfather Slot Machine Jackpot Corner

There are great features attributed to this game that provide each player with opportunities to win a fortune while working for the most feared mob in town. The scatter symbol is a gold ring that triggers the bonus round. The orange and horse-head symbols also trigger the Godfather free spins. If the orange reel appears anywhere on the first reel along with the horse-head anywhere on the fifth real, the player would be awarded with free spins. A few other symbols on the Godfather slot include high-value playing cards like K, Q, J, 10, 9, and a machine gun.

It is The Godfather Slot, so the jackpot is designed to be an extravagant win for a lucky player. All five reels landing with rose symbols win a player either a progressive jackpot or a whopping 2,500 coin jackpot. In order to win the progressive jackpot, a player would have to choose 6 out of 9 displayed symbols to win the grand prize.

There are dollar symbols on this slot that display the level of jackpot the player is eligible to play for. These symbols appear on the reels to award a player higher levels of jackpot too.

The Godfather Movie: The Legendary Corleone Trilogy

Mario Puzo’s novel made it onto the big screen in three parts, bagging many awards in the last few decades of the 20th century. Directed and produced by Francis Ford Coppola, The Godfather Trilogy revolves around the fictitious Mafia family that ruled the criminal world of New York City. The entire Corleone family is a criminal establishment that weaves in and out of national organizations being involved in gambling, extortion, and other offences.

The role of Don Corleone was played by Marlon Brando while Al Pacino featured as Micheal Corleone. Grossing over $265 million globally, the movie won 3 Academy Awards, 5 Golden Globes, and a Grammy. The entire series won a total of 9 Oscars while it was nominated for 29 categories. Although the second and third movies were not developed on the lines of the novel, they did use the back story of Don Corleone that was featured in the book and the first movie.

The Godfather was soon adapted into video games where players could assume the role of soldiers in the Corleone family and experience the thrill of being a part of the underground Mafia organization. The novel itself is based on the historical Five Families that lived in New York, and includes many references to real-life gangs and criminal associations in the city.

Progressive Innovation for WMS

WMS is one of the leading companies in the world in the field of digital, electronic, and land-based games manufacture, design, and distribution. They cater to casinos like PartyCasino that hosts over a million users in the world. The company has highly skilled professionals that have designed some of the most popular games for world casinos like Monopoly, CLUE, The Wizard of Oz, The Lord of the Rings, and more. The company strives to innovate for players, and is focused on creation with a purpose in mind. Popular for their progressive slots, WMS is also working their way towards progressive innovation.

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