Monopoly Slots Machine

Monopoly Slot Review

Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the world and it was only a matter of time before a gaming developer came up with a slots game themed on this game. International Gaming Technologies, more popularly known as IGT, was one of the top companies that came up with a Monopoly slots game. This game has all the components that are in a Monopoly game and you sometimes feel that you are playing a game of Monopoly instead of slots, especially in the bonus features. The game play is very entertaining and also offers a number of opportunities to score a win, ensuring that you never have a dull moment in the game.

Monopoly Slots – Your Favorite Board Game Themed Slot Machine

IGT has a few different versions of the Monopoly slots game. Keep in mind that in spite of the different version, all the games are based on the same theme and have a common general outlook, which is Monopoly.

Monopoly Pass Go

The Monopoly Pass Go slots game is the closest to the Monopoly board game and the game play is almost similar to how you play Monopoly. The game is set up on the streets of London and just like in the board game, you are on a journey to become rich and establish your monopoly. The game has 9 pay lines and some of the most authentic Monopoly symbols, which is understandable as the journey is also similar to the one you undertake in the board game.

An interesting feature of this video slots game is Uncle Pennybags who will be present with you on your journey. His animations are quite entertaining and he displays the suitable emotions when you score a win or lose.

The most attractive feature however is the bonus feature known as the ‘Pass Go’. This bonus feature gets activated when you get three symbols of dice within a pay line and you are transported to the property maps. If you have played the Monopoly board game, you will definitely be familiar with this map. Just as in the board game, you have to move around the board to the relevant places to win payouts.

Monopoly Here and Now

Monopoly Here and Now is the most modern rendition of classic Monopoly, where you get to experience the 21st century version of the classic board game. As an online gambler, you might prefer this version of Monopoly slots over the others as you have 20 pay lines. The symbols on the Monopoly Here and Now slots game include satellite dishes, airplanes and mobile phones like the Android amongst others. One of the features of this game includes a bonus trip to the actual Monopoly board-like layout where you can win extra cash. You have the opportunity to win cash prizes on some properties that belong to the modern era, like Kensington Palace Gardens and Seville Row. There are also other regular properties that you see on the Monopoly board.

MegaJackpots Monopoly

As the name suggests, MegaJackpots Monopoly is the version of Monopoly slots in which you can win one of the biggest jackpots offered by an online slots game. Forget about building properties on the Monopoly board; you can build your own empire in the real world if you strike the pay dirt in MegaJackpots Monopoly. Total prize money of £1.5 million is at stake and that is what you get if you win the entire pot. You should get five of the symbols that depict the Mega Jackpot to win the entire pot that is at stake. There are also pay lines that pay you a lower amount.

Comparison Between Different Versions of Monopoly Slot Machines

One of the most notable differences in the different versions of Monopoly is the number of pay lines that they offer. Without doubt, Monopoly Here and Now offers you the most number of pay lines and consequently, more chance of a win. Also, the user interface is more fun in Monopoly Pass Go and it becomes more and more serious with Monopoly Here and Now and MegaJackpots Monopoly.

You have Uncle Pennybags in Monopoly Pass Go to keep you entertained with his actions throughout the game. He cheers your wins and bemoans your losses! Another difference in the 3versions of Monopoly is the total amount of money that you can win in each of them, including the bonuses features. Also, Monopoly Pass Go is most similar to the real Monopoly board game and MegaJackpots Monopoly is the least similar to the board game.

Different Types of Monopoly Slots Online from IGT

IGT as a gaming developer has released three types of Monopoly till date. Monopoly Multiplier is the oldest amongst the lot with 27 pay lines and the game is even available on mobile devices like Android and iOS phones and you can even play slots on tablets. Monopoly On A Roll is the IGT’s version of Monopoly that is most similar to the Monopoly Board Game. Monopoly Plus is the latest and the most exciting Monopoly game of the lot with amazing levels, stunning game play and payouts that increase throughout the game.

A Little Something about IGT

International Gaming Technologies, or IGT as it is more popularly known as, is a gaming services provider based in Nevada. They distribute gaming equipment and software to casinos and restaurants inside and outside the USA. The main office of IGT is located in Las Vegas but they have offices in other countries like Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Russia and South Africa among others.

The roots of this company can be traced back to the 1950s but it was only after 1980 did the company start making its presence felt. Today, IGT is one of the biggest and most sought after casino game software and game equipment providers. It has acquired a number of smaller subsidiaries and made a name for itself on the casino strip. A recent study has revealed that one in 3 casinos in the world has IGT’s software which is a very significant statistic.

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