100 Ladies Slots Machine

100 Ladies Slot Review

How about a slot game that features 100 cute, little lady (bugs) and offers huge cash prizes? Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? The 100 Ladies slot is just that – vibrant and colorful, with images of lady bugs, sunflowers, and more. The video slot machine is developed by IGT, which is known for its rich and enticing graphics and audio features. Besides being visually appealing, the slot game also has attractive features like stacked wilds and free spins that are sure to lure slots fanatics to try it. The video slot game is presently offered through the IGT AVP gaming cabinets in land-based casinos.

100 Ladies Slots Features

100 Ladies is a multi-line slot game offered on the mechanical reeled S AVP cabinets, which use video screen technology, designed and developed by IGT. The video slot is 5-reeled with 100 paylines, with a slot payback percentage of 85% to 96.5%. Among the highlights of this game are the stacked wild and free spin bonuses that you can benefit from. The minimum bet for the game ranges between 1 and 400 coins. In addition to the 100 paylines, 20 optional paylines are offered in this game.

Symbols That Make You Smile

IGT has incorporated cute and lively symbols to make this slot game all the more interesting. The graphics, the choice of colors and the images used are all good enough to draw a good number of ladies and youngsters who enjoy the bubbliness of animated characters.

The game has attractive, colorful symbols that include a smiling lady bug, sunflowers, a basket of fresh plums, a leaf, a bonus symbol; alphabets A, K, Q, J, and numbers 9 and 10. The basket of plums is the wild symbol and it can replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. The stacked wild offers generous rewards and you can win up to 1,000,000 if you get lucky. If you get stacked wilds in one line, you can win as many as 10,000 credits, provided you place the maximum bet of 1000 credits.

Theme for Ladies and Slots Fanatics

The 100 Ladies slots is more or less a girlish-themed game that is cute and enjoyable. If you are used to playing the superhero-themed, action-oriented slots, you may not enjoy it much. But if winning money is all you are interested in, then do not miss this slot game. The 100 Ladies slots offer generous rewards in terms of both paylines, and a huge jackpot that will surely make you smile.

The game is easy to play and also has re-triggering free spins bonus round, where you get 10 free spins. The payouts per line are increased in the free bonus rounds and should you get a winning combination with the wilds, the payout is multiplied by 10 times. For instance, if the line win in a normal spin is 500, the free spin pays you 5000.

The bottom line is, the 100 Ladies Slots game is a must-play when you visit any of the Vegas casinos. Whether you are a woman or a man who enjoys the macho super-hero and war-themed slots, this cute slot game will reward you generously.

About IGT Slots

IGT or International Game Technology is a renowned online games and video slots developer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The company specializes in designing, developing, manufacturing, selling and distributing gaming machines in regulated markets across the world. IGT is known to be the supplier of around half the slot machines to casinos in the US. The company also offers online gaming solutions to online casinos outside the US.

IGT is also one of the S&P 500 companies and reported revenue of $2 million in 2011. At the recent SAGSE 2012 held in Las Vegas, the company launched its latest casino Megajackpots such as CSI: Video Slots, Star Wars™ Trilogy, Sex and the City Out on the Town™, Godzilla on Monster Island, Carnaval Riches™, Pyramid of the Sun™ and Fiesta Chihuahua among others of unrivaled quality.

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