Van Helsing Slots Machine

Van Helsing Slot Review

Van Helsing is one of the slots designed and developed by IGT / WMS Gaming with the Colossal Reels feature. The slot game has garnered acclaim for its exceptional animations and game features. It is a sheer delight for slot players who can explore the supernatural theme in a gaming format. The Van Helsing slot can be played at several land-based casinos that offer products from WMS Gaming.

Delve into the Supernatural with Van Helsing Slots Online

IGT & WMS Gaming has developed a number of slot games with unique themes such as science-fiction, romance and fantasy. Van Helsing slot is based on the famous character Abraham Van Helsing who hunts and kills Count Dracula. The theme and basic premise of the game has been executed extremely well by WMS Gaming. As a part of the Colossal Reels feature, players will flock to the slot to enjoy the graphics as well as its bonus rounds.

The vibrant symbols are displayed on five reels with a number of coin denominations and wager amounts on offer. As it is part of the Colossal Reels, a second set of reels are also depicted next to the regular 5 reels. The second set is incredibly massive and offers 5 reels in 12 rows.

The slot offers almost 100 lines to claim a significant amount of winnings. The game is a treat for high rollers as they can wager large amounts and get lucrative returns. The slot has been designed in the standard WMS Gaming design which lays prime importance on easy game play and real money wagering.

The machine can be instantly recognized with its vibrant graphics of a vampire in a cape and Van Helsing. WMS Gaming has offered information about the symbols and the paytable that can be easily accessed with the click of a button. Instructions on how to play the game are also provided on the Menu or Help section on the screen. The gaming console has been especially designed to enhance hassle-free real money gambling.

Van Helsing Slot Machine Offers Spectacular Graphics and Sound

Slot games with interesting themes should be able to captivate players with animations. WMS and IGT gaming has ensured that players are provided a premium gaming experience by creating a creepy environment befitting the theme and symbols. The color scheme of the game is mostly in shades of blue and orange. The background of the game is depicts an image of a towering castle.

The symbols have been designed in a clear manner without the use of too many colors. This is essential as players have to not only enjoy the symbols but also remain focused on the game. Some of the regular symbols in Van Helsing include Blond Damsel, Red-Haired Lady, Two Ravens, Castle, Vial of Perfume, Van Helsing and Count Dracula. Instead of the usual high value cards, the suite has been used as symbols. They include Blue Spade, Purple Club, Pink Diamond and Red Heart.

The Colossal Reels on the right side of the screen spin when the regular reels do and feature the same set of symbols as that on the regular reels. The special symbol in the game is the logo of Van Helsing which is a wild symbol. When a specific number of them appear on the regular reels, the bonus feature in the game is triggered. At times, the wild symbol also appears stacked on the reels.

Free Spins Bonus Feature in Van Helsing Slots

The success of a slot machine largely depends on the bonus rounds and Van Helsing offers an innovative way to earn winnings. The bonus feature offers free spins to players based on the number of wild symbols that trigger the feature. The wild symbols replicate on the Colossal Reels during the bonus round.

This means that players have incredible opportunities to win payouts as the wild symbols remain fixed on a spin and the rest of the symbols fall in place to award payouts. As the bonus feature is extremely rewarding, players will find that it cannot be triggered that often. However, when it does, it offers a massive payout.

A highly impressive feature in the bonus round is that players are offered five times the line payout when they hit a winning combination. This is one of the most rewarding bonus features in slot game history. The normal game resumes after the free spins are over. The credits earned are added to the win total at the end of the free spins round.

About Van Helsing and its Film Adaptations

Bram Stoker wrote a novel based on the supernatural in 1897 about a character named Professor Abraham Van Helsing who is asked to kill Count Dracula. Van Helsing is a doctor from Netherlands who has several degrees that include MD and a PH.D. In the story, John Seward, a former student of the doctor, summons Van Helsing to help diagnose the sickness of Lucy, a member of Seward’s staff.

After the death of the woman and subsequent illness of Seward’s daughter, Van Helsing deduces that Count Dracula is responsible and hatches a plot to destroy him. As Dracula is immortal and referred to as ‘the undead’, Van Helsing has to drive a wooden stake through his heart to destroy him.

The story has been adapted to several films and books. The latest was Van Helsing which was released in 2004. Starring Kate Beckinsale and acclaimed actor Hugh Jackman as Van Helsing, the film paid tribute and homage to the original novel with a few modern interpretations. Although it was criticized for veering off the famous story, it earned huge box office returns of almost $350 million across the world.

WMS Gaming and Slot Machines

WMS Gaming manufactures some of the leading slot machine sin the world today. Its first machine was developed after the mid 1990s and has since been a pioneer in the gaming industry. Acquired by International Game Technology, the company today offers a variety of spell-binding gaming products synonymous with creativity and innovation. WMS Gaming is renowned for introducing the Colossal Reels feature that allows its players to enhance their chances of winning huge payouts.

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