Plinko Slots Machine

Plinko Slot Review

Over the past years, there have been many slot machines spawned on television game shows such as ‘The Price is Right’. Recently, a new slot machine game was introduced on the television show and on casino floors called Plinko Slots. In IGT’s slot series, which is based on the television game show mentioned, Plink is the second most popular slot.

Plinko Slots Theme

Plinko Slots is one among the many hundred mini games that are based on the popular television series. However, in the television version of the game, the contestants are supposed to drop a chip against the board. The chip bounces through a set maze before it lands in a slot. Depending on the slot it lands on, the contestant wins a prize. In the slot machine version of the game, symbols are the basis of getting the title bonus.

The symbols included in this slot machine game are price tag, asterisk, stylized dollar sign, and hexagon. When one of the players spins the wheel, the appearance of a dollar sign gives a higher chance of winning to that particular player. In addition to this, appearance of the wild symbol, representing The Price is Right, substitutes for every other symbol in the game.

Key Features of the Plinko Slot Machine

The Showcase Showdown bonus in the game can be triggered when three of these symbols end up landing on the 1st three reels. The entire showdown begins with spinning of the money wheel. A button exists on the machine’s top box, which helps spin the wheel when pressed. A player gets two spins on the wheel to achieve a total between fifty cents to a dollar.

In case the spin falls in this money range, the player wins the value of the spin multiplied by the line bet and can continue the showdown. If the total doesn’t fall in the range, then the player doesn’t go on to the showdown. If the total crosses the money rage, then the player is awarded a consolation prize, which is five times the line bet.

An extra bonus is granted to the player whose total is exactly a dollar. Also he gets hundred times the line bet along with an extra spin. If the extra spin is also a dollar, then the player wins 750 times his line bet. If the spin brings forth a five or a fifteen, then the player wins 125 times his line bet. For other values, there isn’t anything extra won.

Two cases of prizes are shown in the showdown. The player will need to touch the tags on the bottom of the screen to view the showcase items, increase the multiplier, or add more points. For instance, if the player gets a boat after revealing a showcase prize, then the price of the boat will get added to the showcase’s value. A multiplier tag helps increase the showcase multiplier from one to two, which ends up doubling the entire vale of the showcase.  When three Plinko symbols are triggered, a bonus game is activated.

Overall Experience

The slot game keeps the players quite animated. Spinning of the money wheel is quite exciting as is the appearance of the wild symbols, and it also shows how well IGT has catered to all the little details. 

About The Price is Right and Plinko

The Price is Right is a popular game show on television, which was originally produced by Bill Todman and Mark Goodson. However, it is currently owned and produced by Fremantle Media, owners of the X factor. Even though the franchise is mainly about the television gaming show, it also includes other merchandise like printed media, video games, and board games. The franchise was initially started in 1956 and was later revamped in the year 1972.

In the television show, the contestants are seen to be competing to win prizes and cash by spinning money wheels and by guessing the prices of the merchandise. This program has been quite successful over the years. It has also managed to break away from the stereotypical format of quiz used in other game shows. The current version of the slot machine game has been adapted all over the world in various formats.

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