100,000 Pyramid Slots Machine

100,000 Pyramid Slot Review

The American quiz show, 100,000 Pyramid, was very popular and this popularity has been leveraged to create a slot game based on the show. Although the slot is pretty classic and old-school in its style, there are a number of features that can appeal to players of all types. This 5 reel slot is non-progressive and has features like a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, free spins, and a highest jackpot of $300,000. This again is another masterpiece from IGT.

Theme of 100,000 Pyramid Slot Machine

The 100,000 Pyramid slot is based on the American Television game show, very popular in mid 70’s. The name of the game reflects the top prize in this case, which is the jackpot. The jackpot is mentioned on the top of the pyramid. The graphics of the online slots is in accordance with the theme of the game with symbols from the former television show. Keeping with the theme, the wild symbol is the pyramid symbol featured in the game on the main board.

Slot Specifications

As mentioned earlier, 100,000 Pyramid is a non-progressive slots game that has 5 reels and 15 paylines. You can win 300,000 coins in the coin jackpot and the corresponding amount in dollars can be won in cash. You can bet anything from $1 to $45 but the coin bet is limited to $1 per coin. There are no exclusive bonus games, unfortunately, but the additional bonus features do add a bit of excitement to the game and make up for the lack of exclusive bonus games.

100,000 Pyramid Slots Jackpot

The chance of winning the 100,000 jackpot is triggered when you get symbols of the 100,000 Pyramid game logo on any of the active paylines on your reels. The coin value can range from $1 to $3. So, the maximum prize money that you will get if you win the 100,000 Pyramid jackpots is $300,000.

Wild Feature

As mentioned earlier, the 100,000 Pyramid game has a wild and scatter symbol as well. The Pyramid logo that is responsible for triggering the jackpot feature is also acting as the wild symbol. It can be used to replace any of the icons on your payline and create a winning payline.

Winner’s Circle Pyramid

There is a symbol that is used to depict the Winner’s Circle and this symbol is used to trigger the additional feature called the Winner’s Circle Pyramid Bonus. The iconic pyramid on which the theme of this game has been based on has to be claimed in this bonus feature. You start off with a couple of free spins and 1X bonus multiplier. You have the option of selecting from five different choices. Each choice will give you a freebie, either a free spin or an addition to your multiplier. Also, you have the chance of advancing to the next level of the pyramid or get an extra pick in the Winner’s Circle.

One of the complaints with this game is that it is only fit for players who can afford to make high bets. But you know what they say: if you don’t go big, you might not go as well! This bonus feature can give you a maximum of 9X multiplier and thirty six free spins. Any online slots expert will tell you that it is as good as any of the exclusive bonus features that are available in online slots.

100,000 Pyramid Quiz Show

Pyramid was a quiz show, the roots of which can be traced back to 1973. There have been different versions of this game show aired, of which one of the latest versions is the 100,000 Pyramid in 1988. The game was revived as The Pyramids in the year 2012, but then was cancelled owing to the reduced television ratings.

Overall Experience

The objective of this game is for the players to pass through the different levels of the Pyramid and reach the top where they can win the grand prize. The original game also has the associated bonus levels like the Winner’s Circle which is very exciting, both for the players and the viewers. The players would move along the Pyramid’s different levels when they answered the questions of the game accurately. The game is exciting and a treat for the original TV serial fans, with decent payouts in the end.

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