Black Widow Slots Machine

Black Widow Slot Review

The Black Widow Video Slot game is a five-reel slot developed by International Game Technology (IGT) which is one of the most popular providers of slot machines and casino games. The players can opt between 15 and 40 paylines for the slot game. The Black Widow slots game is basically for low-to-medium denomination players who are looking out for an exciting gaming experience.

The theme of the slot game is gothic and dark and will definitely captivate the players. The main character in this slot game is the Black Widow, who stalks her prey and awaits the right time to strike her enemies. Players will also find other male characters showing up on the screen now and then. This game is best for players who want the slot game to be entertaining aside from offering them winnings. By spinning the web in this 3D game, players can capture huge wins and prizes.

Black Widow being one of the popular slots of IGT, offers its players with several special features. The Selective Stacking feature in the game locks the wild symbol on every spin for larger payouts and amazing game play. The slot game also offers a stunning Free Games bonus round. The bonus starts off with seven free spins and has the potential to reward the players with a maximum of thirteen re-triggers.

The slot game also features the Super Stacks round along with the Web Capture bonus round. Whenever players find a male target icon on the center reel of the screen, it should be captured so that credits are received. These credits increase with every additional capture. Striking and dramatic graphics captivate and engage the female and male players alike.

With special features like Super Stacks, Web Capture, and Unique math, the Black Widow slot attracts more and more players. It also has eye-catching graphics and offers an exciting alternative to the slot floor. IGT uses the MLD technology to offer 3D excitement and an enhanced gaming experience.

The payback percentage of the Black Widow slot game ranges from 85% to 98%. The maximum bet for 15 paylines is 600 credits and for 40 paylines, it is 1,600 credits. The bonus hit frequency and the volatility of the slot game is low. Even when you look at the Black Widow slot machine, you will realize that it duplicates the theme of the slot game with its dark dreary appearance. So, try out the Black Widow Slots game and earn your winnings!

About IGT

From 2001, IGT became one of the most prestigious members of the Standard and Poor’s 500 Companies list. It also acquired Silicon Gaming which is the most advanced technological company whose rational property has served the game provider well. In December 2001, the gaming company made one of its greatest achievements by acquiring ‘Anchor Gaming’. It instantly doubled its revenue from the gaming operations.

IGT was honored twice in 2003. It was one among the top 50 well-performing companies as per the ‘Business Week’ magazine. IGT also made it to the 100 rapidly growing companies list of Fortune magazine. The company’s momentum continued since IGT got ‘Acres Gaming’ whose systems technology and bonus system complemented the products and games developed by IGT. However in 2004, the company launched the Class II Bingo games and CDS (Central Determination System). IGT has also made it to the list of Forbes magazine’s best managed firms in America.

The ‘Advanced Video Platform’ (AVP) developed by IGT includes live streaming videos, full-screen, stereo sound and color animation. This was first sold in 2006 in TrimLine cabinet. The year 2006 also marked the introduction of Table iD which blends management software, chip tracking, RFID, and image-based recognition into one exhaustive system. In 2006, IGT partnered with Walker Digital to develop Guaranteed Play idea which is the easiest way to purchase game play. The gaming firm also launched community bonus and its group play.

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