Godzilla Slots Machine

Godzilla Slot Review

Godzilla is a slot machine created by International Game Technology (IGT) and is based on the famous legend and film of the same name. The game is one of many of IGT’s slots which are based on television series and films. Players are attracted to such games as it is always a treat to see how their favorite movie has been adapted to a gaming format. The slot machine can be played for real money at any of the land-based casinos.

IGT has managed to incorporate several elements of the movie into the slot game in the form of symbols and bonus games. The game also offers the renowned MultiPlay feature patented by IGT where players can wager on multiple games at the same time. This is only one of the many revolutionary slot machine features created by IGT. The company has always strived to offer a premium gambling experience to its valuable players by providing the latest in gaming software.

IGT Designs Touchscreen Monitor for Godzilla Slot

Slot machines are popular casino games as not only are they based on luck but they also offer exciting game play. Earlier, slot machines had a simple design and three reels that typically depict fruit symbols. However, with advancements in gaming technology, innovative features have been added to slot machines to make them more attractive.

For instance, in the Godzilla slot, IGT has offered a touchscreen LCD monitor so that players can have an interactive gaming and gambling experience. Two base games are displayed on the screen and players can play one or both of them. Greater wins can be earned if players wager money and play on both games. The symbols in the Godzilla slot are displayed across five reels in both games.

The gaming console clearly marks the buttons used for placing and altering real money wagers. Any information about the symbols, paytable or the game is available on the screen. Players are also provided instructions on how to play the game. Cues are prompted at appropriate instances in the game which inform the player on how to proceed.

Surround Sound and Spell-Binding Graphics in Godzilla Slot

IGT has provided spectacular sound-effects and visuals in the Godzilla slot. The audio is stellar and can be experienced in a surround chair with in-built speakers. The roar of Godzilla is one of the most amazing sound-effects produced by IGT. The company has also provided impressive graphics to complement the audio.

Some of the symbols included in the slot are images of Godzilla, a Lightening Bolt and Flame. The bonus rounds are triggered when a specific number of Godzilla symbols come up on the reels of the slot. The visuals include Godzilla stomping through the city and breathing fire which makes for an interesting gaming experience.

Godzilla Slot Offers Interactive Bonus Rounds

An IGT slot machine is famous for offering some of the most interesting bonus rounds. Godzilla slot is no different and offers a number of them. One of them is the Monster Island bonus where players can direct Godzilla in a particular direction by swiping the appropriate arrow on the touchscreen. Based on the direction, Godzilla is seen to breathe fire to destroy that part which reveals free credits.

Players can also trigger the MechaGodzilla bonus in this feature where players are offered two new base games. Godzilla and MechaGodzilla battle it out by attacking each other’s health lines. The symbols for these games are different from the normal slot. In between the bonus round, players are offered a choice between three doors where one of them reveals a re-trigger of the bonus round. At the end of the bonus round, players are returned to the normal game and the credits earned are added to the win total.

About The Godzilla Movies

Godzilla is a mythical monster creature and a mutation that is created as a result of the dumping of nuclear waste in Japan’s oceans and which subsequently affected marine life. The creature then comes into the cities to look for a suitable place to feed its young. The creature was first shown in a Japanese movie that was released in the early 1950s.

The more popular version is the film made in 2008 starring Michael Broderick where the creature travels to Manhattan to build its nest. After a few botched attempts which destroy large parts of the city, the US military, with the help of Broderick’s character, manages to kill Godzilla. The film garnered critical and commercial acclaim and talks of a sequel are in the pipeline.

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