Lobstermania Slots Machine

Lobstermania Slot Review

Designed and produced by IGT, the Lobstermania slot machine promises great fun, thanks to its interactive and thrilling features. The alluring and attractive icons present in the game force a large number of slot players to try it every time they visit online casinos and live casinos. The exciting and unique bonus games offered in this interesting slot variation are known to reward lucky gamblers with fantastic cash prizes. Given below is an overview of the game and its attractive features.

Overview of Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania Slot

Featuring five reels and twenty five paylines, the Lobstermania slot machine is among the most advanced slot machines out there. Players have the opportunity to place a maximum bet of seventy five coins for each spin. However, the accumulation of maximum bets will result in gamblers having excellent opportunities to win the jackpot prize that amounts to a magnificent 50,000 coins!

The use of liquid crystal display significantly enhances the graphics and audio quality, making the variations of the Lobstermania slot machine all the more attractive to players. The slot uses Reel Touch technology and offers players an improved gambling experience. The reason for such huge jackpot prizes is the connection of Lobstermania slot machines with other progressive slots.

The exceptional animated graphics on display on Lobstermania slot machines and its use of fascinating cartoon characters confirms the game’s status as among the most attractive ones on offer. The screen of the slot game stands out when compared to slot machines of a similar nature. The presentation of the game is outstanding, and the ease with which a player can navigate only adds to the fun every time he plays the game. The tricks and rules of Lobstermania slot machines are fairly simple to understand, making it incredibly easy for beginner players to find their feet. This is the reason why Lobstermania is followed enthusiastically among first-timers and regular players alike.

The wild characters present in Lobstermania slot machines take the excitement to a new level. The game appeals to gamers not only due to the fact that winning is made easier with multiple lines but also due to the five funky characters that deliver a massive jackpot on a win line.

Great Lobster Escape Round

Lobstermania’s bonus rounds require a high level of concentration and focus. The Great Lobster Escape round features the appearance of caged lobster icons on screen. These symbols are very important to cracking the bonus game. It is essential to have strong sight so as to spot the symbols that appear randomly on your screen. The icons may pop up anywhere, and spotting them as quickly as they are seen will trigger the Great Lobster Escape round and entitle you to great rewards. You are required to get a minimum of three caged lobster symbols if the bonus round is to be activated.

This bonus game requires you to provide assistance to the lobster friends of Lucky Larry and help them escape. The game is fairly easy. All you have to do is try and help free as many lobsters as possible because this will increase Lucky Larry’s happiness, meaning that the bonus gets better and bigger progressively. Your ‘winnings’ will keep adding up as you make each lobster escape. Remember that the bonus game will end the moment you fail to help a lobster make its escape.

Lobstermania Buoy Bonus Round

Lobstermania’s slot variation has another intriguing bonus game called Buoy Bonus Round. Big winnings are a possibility based on your ability to catch lobsters. The Buoy Bonus Round is triggered when a player gets three icons within the first three win lines. Many buoy symbols can be seen appearing on screen in this bonus game, and each of them has a hidden lobster that comes with it. Your selection from the buoys will be determined based on the Lobstermania icon that you first got in the initial screen.

After your choice has been made, the lobster traps corresponding to your selections will be displayed on screen, showing your winnings. Your winnings will be determined based on the size of the lobster you pick. The larger it is, the bigger your winnings will be. The tricky bit is that there are a few empty traps as well, so it is important to think well prior to choosing your selection. The round will end if you pick an empty pot!

The Jackpot Round on Lobstermania Slots Machine

Players have the opportunity to win 50,000 coins via the Lobstermania jackpot prize. The Jackpot Round will have to be won if you want to win this prize. In addition, you will also have to get the Lucky Larry symbol as it multiplies your winnings by five.

With so many interesting features, there’s no surprise that Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania slot games are among the most popular ones you can find in live casinos.

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