Jeopardy Slots Machine

Jeopardy Slot Review

Players remain enthralled with IGT’s adaptation of the TV show into their new video slot MegaJackpot game, Jeopardy! With enhanced visual and sound effects, and similar quiz-based theme, this slot is most popular among the players who wish to win heaps of money with the thrill of being on the all-time favorite game show.

IGT’s Popular Jeopardy Slots Machine

The Jeopardy slot is a video slot game and has a theme that runs back to the 1960s TV game show of the same name. Similar to the show, the game is designed to be in a quiz format and literally makes a player feel like he is standing on the sets of Jeopardy as one of the contestants. With brilliant graphics and sound, the slot exactly replicates the game show transforming a few square feet area of the casino or a computer screen into the Jeopardy platform.

The game has original voice overs by Alex Trebek and Johnny Gilbert in addition to the Jeopardy music theme. The visual effects and the sounds make this slot game a winner among all others in any casino.

Key Features of Jeopardy Slot Machine

This 5-reel and 9-payline slot game is available to pay for money or for free. The minimum betting amount begins at 5p and goes on to £5 for a credit. The Double Jeopardy symbols are the wild symbols while the Jeopardy Bonus symbols are the scatter symbols. Other few symbols that feature on the reels include Single, Double, and Triple Jeopardy Bar signs, Red Sevens, Blue Sevens, and many category symbols.

Jeopardize Bonuses in the Bonus Round

The bonus round of the game will be activated once the players place three symbols of Jeopardy on an activated payline. A player can win more than 12,000 times the bet amount with the help of multi-level Jeopardy bonus feature. There are 20 Jeopardy screens in the bonus board. Each screen reveals a certain award amount that accumulates to increase the bonus winnings of a player.

The Daily Double symbol is responsible for doubling a player’s accumulated awards and allows him to reveal more awards until he finds the Final Jeopardy symbol.

Similar to the TV show, the final round of Jeopardy slot game requires a certain bet amount to access the bonus round. The slot displays a question on the screen and the player would have to choose one of the screen contestants to answer the question. If the answer is right, the player would win the entire bet amount fair and square.

If the Final Jeopardy symbol appears, the player can choose between the bonus win and playing Final Jeopardy. This Final Jeopardy round can win the player nearly 2,500 credits or $25,000 jackpot. Depending on the player’s choice, the game will proceed, taking him through to different levels.

The Ever-Famous Quizzical Jeopardy!

Created by Merv Griffin, Jeopardy! was telecast for over a decade between 1964 and 1975. It was revived several times, and has been running on air as one of America’s most popular television show. Designed like a nerve-racking quiz show, it has many rounds taking players through mazes of questions to score large winnings. There have been portrayals of Jeopardy! in many other television shows, movies, and works of literature, ever since the show first appeared on television.

Milton Bradley was first to produce board games based on Jeopardy! followed by other companies like Parker Brothers, and Tyco Toys. The show was also a basis for video games for Omni or Nintendo. It also made it the game consoles of Sony PlayStation and THQ.

Following over 10 seasons of success, students began creating mashup versions of the game due to which, Educational Insights launched Classroom Jeopardy! for school use. The teacher assumes the role of the host while the students are the players in an interactive classroom. The goal is to cover the course curriculum in a fun and engaging manner. The original version of the series was hosted by the all-time favorite Art Fleming, while Don Pardo and John Harlan served as announcers for various versions of the show. Presently the 29th season of Jeopardy! is being aired with high TRPs from viewers of all ages, all over the world.

IGT has been one of the oldest and best designers, manufacturers, and distributers of electronic and digital gaming software, equipment, and network systems around the world. IGT’s success was gradually built over years of hard work, and today it is one of the leading companies in the world that distributes gaming equipment to most casinos, online and offline. The professional team of designers and engineers at IGT carefully craft each creation with distinctive aspects that make it unique and popular.

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