100 Pandas Slots Machine

100 Pandas Slot Review

100 Pandas Video Slot is one of the latest games from the IGT stables. This game celebrates the endangered species of Pandas and is a picture of the support that IGT is showing towards animal conservation. If you are wondering that 100 is a representation of something related to pandas, you are wrong. 100 is the number of pay lines that are there on the 100 Pandas Video Slot machine and the game is packed with action. Trust us when we say that there is never a dull moment in this game, especially with so many pay lines on offer.

100 Pandas Slots: IGT’s Newest Offering – Graphics and Sounds

100 Pandas Video Slots is a game that is based on the video screen technology that IGT does not use very regularly these days. However, the game has been designed in such a way that it is engaging without being monotonous. The game interface is new and has been developed from the scratch. So, even if you have played any of the other offerings from IGT, you do not get the feeling of having seen a feature somewhere or the other. IGT has maintained their reputation of offering impressive graphics with a few edge-of-the-seat moments and an attractive user interface that appeal to slots players of all generations.

Since 100 Pandas Video Slots is a game that has been designed with an Oriental theme, the audio is also oriental so that it goes with the theme. IGT has been guilty of including some childish tracks in a few of their past releases. But you cannot find a fault with the sounds being incorporated in 100 Pandas Video Slots. Everything seems to match perfectly.

100 Pandas Video Slots Game Play

There are five reels for you to play with and as it is with any slot game, you have to match the symbols on the reel to get a winning pay line. If you end up with a particular pattern or set of symbols, the bonus feature is triggered. One of the features that you immediately notice about the bonus features is that the graphics is more detailed and even impressive in the bonus feature than they are in the actual slots game. But as you play for a couple of hours, you realize that the bonuses are your best bet if you want to make some quick cash. In spite of that, with the 100 pay lines that the game has, you definitely have more opportunities to score a win than you have in some of the other contemporary video slot games.

The Bonus Features

There are a number of bonus features on the 100 Pandas Video Slots and with 100 pay lines you find that the bonus feature is triggered more frequently. Also, there is a bonus feature that involves the wild symbols known as the ‘Feature Stacked Wilds’ which is triggered with the wild symbols. There is also a feature where the Free Games that you get are re-triggered for you to play them again.

About IGT

IGT, short for International Gaming Technologies, is one of the leading casino game software and equipment providers in the world. The company’s clients are not only the casinos in the United States but are also spread throughout the world. The company’s headquarters is located in Nevada, Las Vegas but they also have a number of other offices all over the world including leading nations like Australia and Germany.

IGT has become a name to reckon with in the casino gaming industry with their innovative offerings that are based on advanced technological concepts. The company uses the latest innovations in the technological arena to provide you games that are not only incredibly entertaining but also offer an exclusive game play experience that is unmatched by any other gaming company’s software. This is evident by the fact that more than 45% casinos located in the United States have tie ups with IGT for their gaming software and game equipment also.

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