Fort Knox Slots Machine

Fort Knox Slot Review

Fort Knox Slots by IGT offers players with 25 line and 30 line slots, which have five hundred coin and six hundred coin themes respectively. Future releases are expected to offer more lines and maximum betting configurations. IGT is considered to be one of the best slot machine manufacturers, and they have proved themselves by producing a line of hit slot machines such as the Double Diamonds, Wheel of Fortune, Megabucks, and Fort Knox.

This slot machine is packed with entertainment value thanks to the more interactive bonus levels. The game has an innovative theme, which has been linked to quite a few of IGT’s tried and tested games. Fort Knox Slots come with a compelling signage, extremely advanced technology, and intense gameplay that will push the users to their maximum limit as they try to crack the vault.

These days, a top box slot feature isn’t considered to be new. However, when the top box comes with a twenty seven inch monitor connected to four levels of brilliant and guaranteed progressives, the game is considered to be intense and entertaining. The basics of Fort Knox include quite a few familiar icons such as the Frog Prince, Cleopatra, Lucky Larry’s Lobstermania, and even the enchanted Unicorn. All these icons even come with their own bonus opportunities.

Key Features of the Fort Knox Slot Machines

The top box of Fort Knox slots works on an interesting concept. It is also called the Trigger Zone. Players need to be aware that the Trigger Zone can be set off at random intervals and tends to hit one of the many active machines in the bank, which is supposed to pay the players a guaranteed prize. To add to this, the ‘quick hit’ as it is called, is quite frequent if there is more number of players playing this game at a particular bank.

The players who usually participate in these top box bonus events are prompted to choose from a certain group of vaults with four levels. The levels are Silver, Gold, Bronze, and Platinum, the last being the highest reward of over thousand dollars. If players move into this zone, then they need to watch for a performance to activate the ‘trigger’.

Players must also be aware that the greater the bets, the more are the chances of winning the Fort. The game’s progressive slots encourage high wage betters and are linked to the strongest themes that IGT can offer. These include Cleopatra I and II, Kenny Rogers 2, Sydney Omar’s Horoscope, Wild Goose Chase, and World Wrestling Entertainment.

Dozens of other favorite slot games from IGT are under development. One advantage is that the Fort Knox library admits players from mixed or independent game banks. Reel touch and Support for $200 are also available. Multi-progressive and linked gameplay options, along with the popular Progressive Controller of IGT can handle at least sixty three games all at once. Along with this, it offers a selected payback percentage and resets the amounts in the player’s account.

Other features of the game include the eye-catching nineteen inch LCD flat screen monitor for the top box, which can display over four progressive jackpot levels. It comes with vivid and brilliant color cycling, which usually changes in the bonus rounds.

Overall Experience

The game features most of the mystery bonusing, through four progressive jackpots, which are also interactive bonuses and not just basic awards. Each time the progressives are triggered, the player is surely entitled to a minimum 1st level ‘copper’ win, along with the chance to proceed to the future levels. Players can choose from a bunch of safes that will reveal points, which can be used to lead them to the next jackpot threshold. Soon as the player enters the Fort Knox, a bell rings. Overall, the game is quite entertaining and guarantees wins when compared to other slot games.

The new Fort Knox Slots has penny series, which features mystery bonuses along with progressive jackpots. Players get to play for four of these jackpots, in twenty to forty lines, and five hundred to eight hundred coin versions.

The official website has all the details of the features on the slots, other products, and even video slots that IGT is quite popular for. IGT has also included a Game Finder option that lets the players search for locations of their favorite slot games. This option also involves a lot of technical and financial information for interested investors, along with slot directions.

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