The Hangover Slots Machine

The Hangover Slot Review

The Hangover slot machine is a gaming product created by International Game Technology (IGT). The game is based on the blockbuster film of the same name which was released in 2009 by Warner Bros. In what can only be termed as a sensational coup, IGT acquired the rights to the film after a partnership deal with the aforementioned and acclaimed production and distribution company. IGT has ensured that players receive the same excitement from playing and gambling on the game as they did from watching the movie.

Fun-Filled Gaming Experience with The Hangover Slot Machine

IGT couldn’t have chosen a better movie to base a slot game on, as the film and its sequel performed exceptionally well at the box office. As soon as IGT acquired the rights of the movie, it set out to ensure that the game offers interesting features based on the movie. This was a gargantuan task as it is most often than not, hard to incorporate all the elements of a film into a game. However, IGT has outdone itself and created a game that not only echoes all the fun of the film but stands in its own right.

The slot machine has been designed to reflect the casino theme of the movie with blinking lights and signage typical of land-based casinos. Players will find that the game is extremely simple with uncomplicated features and an easy-to-use console. The Hangover video slot game offers 40 paylines and five reels. This is an ideal slot machine for regular players as they can make a minimum real money wager of 1 cent. Players are also offered an interactive gaming experience in the bonus rounds.

Video Clips and Soundtrack Enhance Game Play

Some of the factors that result in the success of a video slot machine which is based on a blockbuster film are the animation and soundtracks. IGT does not disappoint with The Hangover as players are shown video clips, voiceovers and soundtracks from the movie. One of the interesting features of this game is that the main voiceover that hosts the game is Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong), the hilarious gangster boss.

The symbols in the game feature the lead actors in the film including Stu, Doug, Alan and Phil. This is a MultiPlay game where players can simultaneously play four games on the screen. Some of the symbols include Baby, Tiger, Satchel, Hen, Bloody Tooth and Liquor.

In the Mr. Chow game, the symbols include a Joker’s Hat, Diamond, Club, Spade, Heart and images of the lead actors in the casino. During this game, Casino Chip symbols can fall on random symbols to enhance winnings. Players can also receive up to 8 free spins during this game.

Exciting Bonus Rounds in The Hangover Slot

No game is complete without bonus rounds and IGT has offered four progressive jackpot games in The Hangover slot. They are The Villa, Alan’s Stun Gun, Stu’s Pick a Tooth and Doug’s Deal in the Desert. In The Villa, players are offered a screen shot of the villa suite, where they have to select any object in the room by using the touchscreen. Based on the object selected, players are offered a significant number of credits.

In Alan’s Stun Gun, players can earn innumerable credits by pressing the stun gun buzzer. The longer the button is pressed, the more credits are offered. When the bonus round is over, the normal slot game resumes and any credits earned are added to the win total.

The Stu’s Pick a Tooth Bonus brings to life one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie where Stu wakes up to find his mouth is bloody and one of his tooth missing. The bonus round offers players the option to choose a single tooth from a selection of five where each reveals the number of credits offered.

IGT and The Hangover Movie

IGT, which was established in the mid 1970s, did not achieve its success overnight. Although it began as a private venture, the success of its slot machines and ever-increasing profits led to it being listed as a public company. The organization, with the experience and expertise of almost 40 years has grown into one of the leading software developers in the gambling and gaming industry.

IGT, synonymous with creativity and innovation has introduced a number of revolutionary features in its slot games such as Tumbling Reels and u-Spin Technology. One of the reasons why the company is so well-known is because it constantly revamps its games portfolio. Today, along with releasing top-notch gaming products, IGT also provides software to a number of online casinos.

The storyline of the original Hangover film is based on the missing groom. IGT has paid homage by adding a bonus round titled Doug’s Deal in the Desert where players are offered a number of men whose faces are covered. If they pick Doug, they are rewarded with a high payout followed by a video clip of the movie.

The Hangover was released in 2009 and features four characters, Alan, Phil, Stu and Doug as they travel to Las Vegas. Alan (played by Zach Galifianakis) and Phil and Stu are hosting a bachelor party for their best friend Doug (played by Justin Bartha) who is going to get married in two days time. However, it goes terribly wrong when they wake up the next day and find that Doug is missing. The race to find him and get back to the wedding in time forms the crux of the movie. Following its stupendous success, a sequel titled The Hangover 2 was released in 2011. Although it was not received as well as the first film, the sequel out-grossed it with over $58 million across the world.

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