CSI Slots Machine

CSI Slot Review

The CSI Slot machine has been created by International Gaming Technology (IGT). IGT is a famous manufacturer of slot machines. This company has created many well-known games, like Judge Judy, American Idol, and Wheel of Fortune.

Slot games like CSI are mostly based on famous television serials, popular icons, or famous movies. These themes help the players to relate to the game and it definitely makes the game more exciting. Apart from the exciting themes, players are also awarded bonuses and rewards. Bonus rounds, free spins, and rewards help the player earn more points. Therefore, the player can look forward to surprising prizes as well, while playing the game.

The CSI series have more than a million viewers around the world today. Since the show’s premiere in 2000, its popularity has increased tremendously. IGT felt that CSI would be an interesting theme for a slot machine. Recently, in 2012, the CSI slot machine was released at the Global Gaming Expo (G2E). It was yet another unique slot machine with many new features.

Features of CSI Slot Machine

This slot is interesting in that three games were created together into a single machine. The player has the choice of selecting one out of the following games to play: CSI, CSI Miami and CSI New York. Character reels and voiceovers change depending on the game selected.

Like the other slot machines, this slot too has exciting jackpots and bonuses. Apart from selecting a favorite city, players could also select their favorite cast from the CSI series. This makes the game more personalized and unique. In the game, the players have to solve a case, as a team of crime investigation officers.

Jackpots and Bonuses in the CSI Slot Games

There are two slot machine jackpots awarded to the player:

  • Fixed-prize jackpots – On each spin of the reel, this jackpot is triggered randomly. It is used more commonly because it does not require a player to place a higher bet. Therefore, it turns out to be less expensive.
  • Progressive-prize jackpots – This jackpot is awarded to the player when a particular set of symbol combinations are met.

The video content and bonus games differ depending on the version of the slot game selected. The CSI slot machine awards 3 different bonuses to the players:

  • Crime Scene Bonus – Selecting this bonus allows a player to select clues and solve a gruesome murder scene. Each of the clues has a random cash prize, which makes this bonus worth attempting.
  • Crime Lab Bonus – This bonus allows a player to unlock free spins as forensic evidence is being unlocked.
  • Trace Evidence Bonus – Triggering this bonus allows a player to search through clues, which awards the player multipliers and bonuses. In addition to it, the player can also win interesting prizes.

CSI – the famous TV show

Crime Scene Investigation, also called CSI, is a popular crime drama TV series, which premiered on 6th of October, 2000. Anthony Zuiker was the creator, and it was produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. CSI was mainly shot in Las Vegas, California. The show is about a team of forensic investigators who solve gruesome murders and crimes using physical evidence. It is a combination of mystery, courageous subject matter, and drama.

CSI inspired the creation of a traveling exhibit called CSI: The Experience. It was developed by The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History and was based on crime lab forensic science. The TV show also inspired the development of the CSI Effect, which brought about a change in the way trials are presented.

By 2002, CSI became the most watched television show. The success of the show led to the creation of a franchise by CBS. CSI: Miami was created in 2002 followed by CSI: NY in 2004.CSI has been internationally recognized as the most famous drama series by the Festival de Television de Monte-Carlo. In 2009, its worldwide audience was estimated to be more than 73.8 million. Cutting-edge forensic tools used to solve cases have made the CSI series quite innovative.

IGT is the biggest manufacturer of land-based and online slot machines. It began in the early 1950’s as a private company and became public in 1981. IGT handles the complete life cycle of a slot machine, right from its design to its sales and distribution.

Today, most of the slot machines at casinos are manufactured by IGT. One major innovation of IGT is its Reel Touch machine, which uses touchscreen technology rather than buttons and levers that were used earlier. Every slot machine has different designs that make each of them look unique. IGT games are created based on catchy themes that will surely make someone want to try their luck at it.

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