Judge Judy Slots Machine

Judge Judy Slot Review

The casino industry attracts many people. It is about placing money at stake for an event whose outcome is unpredictable. It originated centuries ago, and is believed to have its roots in Europe and China, but today casino games been taken to a different level by IGT. If you enjoy a real world playing experience then IGT games would prove to be a great source of entertainment for you.

The Exciting Features of Judge Judy Slots Machine

One of the most famous inventions of IGT is the Judge Judy slot machine. This game was released in 2012, amid much expectation. The Judge Judy slot machine has a very attractive and unique design. It is a dual-player slot machine and offers its players 720 different ways to win, through a changeable video reel. The wide range of bonuses and rewards awarded to the player are one of its best features.

Another exciting characteristic is that players get a chance to enter the courtroom and argue their own case against the tough and talented Judge Judy. They also have the choice of deciding which party they wish to support. The more a player bets, the more multiplier bonus he or she gets, which in turn multiplies the number of prizes to can be won.

Judge Judy Slot Machine Features and Bonuses

The main features of the game, which attract a lot of players, are the bonuses and rewards. Some of the bonuses and rewards awarded by this slot machine are:

  • You Make The Call Bonus – The players will be shown a video clip of a case. They have to review the case and guess if Judge Judy will decide in favor the complainant or the defendant. A correct guess will earn the player multiplier bonuses.
  • Plead Your Case Bonus – This feature gives the player a choice of being the complainant or the defendant, arguing the case with Judge Judy in the courtroom.
  • Rules Bonus – This feature allows a player to pick from 25 files to receive multiplier coins and credits. Four of the same coins help the player earn a bonus credit amount.

The Judge Judy slot machine lets you fight your own court case and awards bonuses for it. It becomes quite challenging as player argues the case with Judge Judy in the courtroom. If the player gets the support of Judge Judy, there are many interesting rewards to be won. One such reward is being awarded free spins until the player wins. This is definitely an exciting bonus. The features and challenges of this game are attracting many players to this game. This game will definitely gain more popularity, like the TV show, in the near future.

The TV show – Judge Judy

Judge Judy is a very famous American court-based reality show, which premiered on 16th September, 1996. Judge Judith Sheindlin, a retired Manhattan family court judge, presides over the show. Within the model of a court room set, she adjudicates real-life problems. Every Judge Judy episode begins with a preview of the main case by presenting various shocking and vivid moments of the case through drama and graphics. A theme or an intro follows.

Voice-over artist Jerry Bishop, gives information regarding who is suing whom and for what reason. Judge Judy then begins questioning the parties regarding location, times, dates and other facts related to the lawsuit. She is quick to reply and does not allow responses that are not concise. The parties have to sign an agreement before the commencement of the show willing to undergo arbitration under Judge Judy.

By 2011, the Judge Judy show had been nominated for Daytime Emmy Awards consecutively, for 14 years. It has also been the highest rated daytime television show in the 2009-2010 season. Judith Sheindlin was given a position into the Broadcasting and Cable Hall of Fame in October 2012. Judge Judy boasts being the most watched and longest-run original reality court show ever.

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