Family Guy Slots Machine

Family Guy Slot Review

Slot games get a comic makeover with the Family Guy slot machine, which debuted, at the G2E 2012. This long-run animated series features risky humor, and amusing characters that have become iconic. The edgy humor and appealing storyline were combined efficiently to deliver an animated comedy series that was widely entertaining and second to none.

As most licensed games in the slot machine circuit, the Family Guy slot machine is a video slot, and real clippings from the show appear during the game in the bonus rounds and free spins. This themed slot machine also has split-screen display that perfectly befits the setting of the show. The animation is sourced directly from the show and the special feature of this game is that the audio features the voices of the real actors used in the show. This makes the experience more authentic, and players will be fascinated by the slot machine’s close-capture of the show’s magic.

Family Guy Slot Machine Payouts

In true slot game style, the playing experience includes many bonuses that appear randomly, featuring the show’s iconic characters. Every such bonus awards the player a cash prize by changing the symbols that appear on the reels. The slot game is a progressive jackpot game and the players can notice that, during the bonus rounds, a Family Guy character will appear on screen to show that the player has won one of the six types of progressive jackpots. This can range anywhere between a few 100 to 100,000 dollars. The opportunity for receiving large payouts makes this slot machine even more entertaining than its theme.

Technology and Features

The Family Guy slot has an interface of 3×5 reels or a fifty-credit. It is also suitable to a penny-based version of slot games. This makes the Family Guy slot really exciting and affordable to many players. The machine also features IGT’s superior MLD graphics to enhance the gaming experience. It is well-fitted with many base games that reward players at regular intervals. It is a multi-level progressive type of game and can easily become a favorite among video slot fans.

Bonus Rounds on Family Guy Slots

What most slot machine players and other Family Guy fans will expect from a player-friendly slot machine is the frequent appearance of bonus rounds. Nowadays, most themed slots are focused more on entertainment than delivering good payouts to players. The Family Guy slot deviates from this trend and makes available three different bonus rounds to ensure that players have a good chance at winning while playing. Each bonus round is centered on the three big characters of the show: Peter, Lois, and Stewie.

The bonus round based on Peter features the fight between Peter and the giant chicken. Peter’s archenemy on the show features in this bonus round and the player must fight the chicken to win the bonus or a multiplier. This round is triggered if enough number of chickens show up on the right reels. The player must win against the chicken in three rounds before landing the bonus.

In the game based on Lois, the feminine side of this character is featured. This feature is called the hot spins round of the game. This round is triggered when the character peter appears on the screen as a wild symbol. During the hot spins round, the player can win free spins as Peter tries to woo Lois. The better Peter is at wooing, the more the player wins. This is a good example of how the slot game has captured some of the major elements of the show.

In the bonus round based on Stewie, the player must help the character choose and destroy any one of the six areas in an alternate dimension. The round is called “The World” and the player must help destroy some parts of this world. This round is triggered when a certain number of Stewie-symbols appear in the right reels.

The Family Guy: The Televsion Show

Seth MacFarlane is the creator of the hit show, The Family Guy. This animated situational comedy follows the life and times of the Griffin family. The backdrop for the show is Rhode Island, New York, and the series has received many positive reviews from critics.

The show is appreciated for its raw comedy and its satirical portrayal of American culture. The Griffin family consists of Peter and Lois who are the parents, and Meg, Stewie and Chris, who are the children. These characters are voiced by notable stars like Seth MacFarlane himself, Mila Kunis, and Seth Green. The show has been so successful that there has been speculation that a Family Guy movie is in production. The show also has a spinoff version called ‘The Cleveland Show’. This series has also been the subject of a video game called ‘The Family Guy Video Game’, books, and other merchandise. In addition, a comic book may also be produced around the ‘Family Guy’ theme.

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