Little Green Men Slots Machine

Little Green Men Slot Review

Little Green Men is a slot game designed and developed by International Game Technology (IGT). It is one of IGT’s most innovative slots as it showcases a unique theme and game features. The Little Green Men slot combines the traditional slot machine which included fruits as symbols with the path-breaking technology of IGT. Players can wager real cash on the slot game at a number of land-based casinos. Due to the success of the game, IGT has also released a CD-ROM format of the game which can be played on personal computers.

Well-Designed Console in Little Green Men Slot & Real Money Wagering

IGT is renowned for its attention to detail and strives to create a pleasurable and stress-free gaming experience. To this effect, the gaming console of Little Green Men slot has been created in a simple design. In Little Green Men, symbols are displayed across five reels. Real money wagers can be placed on more than 15 paylines.

Only five coins can be wagered on a payline. The maximum number of coins that can be bet on a single spin is 100. The remaining number of credits, the paylines selected, the wager amount and the total bet are displayed in a clear and concise manner on the screen. The reels are showcased in a clear manner which makes for easy viewing and wagering.

Interesting Combination of Symbols on Little Green Men Slots Machine

IGT has developed a number of slot machines in different themes ranging from fantasy and science-fiction to action and movies. Little Green Men is a slot based on science-fiction and fantasy. It brings to life the extraterrestrial concept which is always popular among gamblers.

However, with the use of advanced technology, IGT has also managed to maintain the traditional symbols of slots in a new design. For instance, the fruits have been depicted as moons and planets in the game. Slots were earlier called fruit machines as they only featured fruits as symbols. In Little Green Men slot, the symbols include fruits and elements that depict alien life.

Some of the symbols include Newspaper, Crescent Lime Moon, Purple Planet, Orange Flaming Sun, Strawberry, Watermelon with a Ring and Cactus. Unlike other slots that include high value cards as symbols, Little Green Men slot does not. This has added to the attraction value of the game. The symbols have been designed in a cartoon theme which makes the game more fun to play.

Special symbols are important in a slot as it offers opportunities to enhance earnings. The Laughing Moon is the wild symbol in the game. With this symbol, players can complete a combination qualifying for a win as it substitutes for regular symbols on the reels. When it does so, it becomes animated and depicts the moon bursting into laughter.

Exciting Bonus Round Offers Extra Credits

No IGT slot is complete without a rewarding bonus round and Little Green Men offers a fun and unique Free Credits Round. This is activated when the bonus symbol of Three-Headed Alien comes up thrice on the reels. During this round, the screen displays a bus stop at night where a Dog, Old Cowboy, Small Girl, Farmer and a Lady are sitting on the bench.

Players are asked to choose one of the characters, upon which a spaceship swoops down and abducts the character. The screen then shows a newspaper with the abduction story of that particular character. Based on the earthling that was chosen, a specific number of free credits are awarded. For instance, the little girl awards 250 credits in this round.

Established in the 1970s, IGT has a rich industry experience of almost 40 years which allows it to consistently design and produce premium slot games and other gaming products and services. The company has now ventured into online gaming and provides software to several reputed online casinos. With a vision of expanding its business interests, the company realized it had to up its ante in the software department.

As a result, it acquired a number of top gaming software companies such as WagerWorks and WMS Games. Coupled with the technical expertise and industry know-how, IGT soon became of the top slot machine manufacturers in the world. Recently, the company has also been sanctioned a license by the Nevada Gaming Commission to offer real money internet poker services.

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