The Dark Knight / Batman Slots Machine

The Dark Knight / Batman Slot Review

Christopher Nolan’s “The Dark Knight” became the third highest grossing movie of all times in 2008, which resulted in a reboot in the way people looked at the caped crusader. Following Dark Knight’s success, Microgaming and IGT both released its Batman inspired The Dark Knight video slot. The Dark Knight slot is a five reeled progressive slot, which is primarily based on the Dark Knight film by Christopher Nolan.

After IGT’s last release, Lord Of The Rings, conquered the hearts and minds of the online slot enthusiasts, the leading online game developers were faced with a challenge of following it up with something equally grand (if not more!). The Dark Knight online video slot from Microgaming is the biggest proof that the gaming developer was successful in that quest. The Dark Knight’s success in the theaters had ensured that the thematic association of the game would give the developers a scope to create something grand. With mind boggling graphics and dynamic gameplay, this online video slot is a worthy successor to the LOTR video slot.

There are 243 different ways for players to win in this online video slot. In a departure from usual Microgaming & IGT  tradition, The Dark Knight slot’s betting options are comparatively limited. On the other hand, there are random cash prizes, bonuses, free spins and four different progressive jackpots in this online video slot that enhance the chance of players’ chance of winning the game. The gameplay of Dark Knight slot is based on cinematic spins. That means that cut-scenes would be played from The Dark Knight movie whenever a winning combination is achieved. Both games are unique, however, both have similar features and graphics.

Free Spin Feature

The Dark Knight slot incorporates a free spin feature which is triggered when three or more scatter symbols appear on the reels. The free spin feature lets the player spin fifteen times for free, and the winnings in the free spin round would be increased two-folds. If the player is lucky enough, Joker or Batman will randomly appear on the screen to award them with more extra spins. Some lucky players might even get rewarded with a 5x multiplier over the original 2x during those random appearances by Batman or Joker.

Wild Symbol on The Dark Knight Slot Machine

It is obvious that the wild symbol of this game would be denoted by none other than the caped crusader himself. The Batman wild symbol acts as a substitute for other symbols while completing winning combinations. Batman’s appearance is followed by him giving the player more opportunities to win by covering the reel. Even The Joker is sometimes used as a wild symbol. Joker’s appearance on the reel is characterized by him blowing a symbol up and replacing it with the wild symbol. The wild symbol in The Dark Knight Slot can substitute all symbols except the scatter symbol.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol is one that is characteristically a chaotic element of all video slot games. Therefore it was given that the symbol of chaos in The Dark Knight slot could be none other than The Joker. When the scatter symbol of The Dark Knight online video slot, denoted by The Joker, simultaneously appears anywhere on at least three of the reels, the free spin feature of the game is triggered. The free spin feature of The Dark Knight online video slot gives 15 free spins to the players, with a 2x multiplier. Random appearances by Batman or Joker would allow players to spin even more times, and sometimes would also reward players with a 5x multiplier.

How Can I Win the Dark Knight Progressive Jackpot?

The Dark Knight online video slot is also a part of the Mega-Moolah progressive network, and features four separate progressive jackpots. Players of The Dark knight slot can be entitled to one of the four progressive jackpots, the smallest of which is still a substantial sum of money. The four progressive jackpots of The Dark Knight are named: mini jackpot, micro jackpot, major jackpot and mega jackpot. A player’s chances of winning one of the progressive jackpots are significantly affected by how much he/she is playing the game.

The progressive jackpots in The Dark Knight can be triggered randomly. If a player is fortunate enough to trigger the progressive jackpot round, he/she would have to choose a side (Joker or Batman), spin the wheel and pray for lady luck to smile.

The Dark Knight Slots Game Play And Graphics

The name of the developers of the game drives the expectations from this online video slot sky-high, and gets delivered in due fashion. The Dark Knight’s graphics are an excellent visual feast which stays true to the dark mood of the film itself. It was not an easy job to recreate Christopher Nolan’s broody and noirish vision on an online slot game, but Microgaming pulled it off with flair. The symbols, cinematic cut-scenes and the accompanying music; combined with excellent gameplay, make The Dark Knight Slot a must-play game if you are a slot enthusiast.

The Dark Knight Legacy: Series of Films / Comics

Bob Kane’s Batman has been a super-hero icon from the day he first appeared in DC’s Detective Comics series. Literally Dozens of movies have been made about the ‘world’s greatest detective’ (who also packs a mean punch!). But none have been as critically acclaimed as Christopher Nolan‘s interpretation of the superhero in cinema. Nolan’s vision has reached deep down into the essence of Batman, the story which narrates the struggle of a determined hero who would never give in to the darkness within him. The character of the caped crusader, which is in a constant state of conflict, is one that is admired by comic book fans and movie fans alike.

Apart from being the pop cultural icon that he is, Batman is also a very profitable brand-name. The proof of Batman’s commercial viability is demonstrated in the unprecedented sales of Batman toys, accessories, comics, movies, television shows and merchandise. Even today, after more than seven decades after his creation, the dark cult of Batman remains ever so strong and is still growing in size, fascinating and inspiring countless people from around the planet.

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