Frog Princess Slots Machine

Frog Princess Slot Review

The Frog Princess slot machine is produced by IGT and based on a fairytale theme. The game offers oodles of gaming and gambling entertainment with its fun symbols and exciting bonus features. The slot is one among IGT’s Advanced Video Platform (AVP) series. The machine will provide the ultimate in playability, convenience and player comfort. The Frog Princess slot machine is available for real money play across several casinos in Las Vegas as well as North America. (A version similar to this is Frog Royale)

Play with Fun Symbols in The Frog Princess

One of the factors that set slot machines apart from the other casino games is that of the vibrant animations and sound-effects. As IGT’s slot games are available in a multitude of themes, it is a casino player’s delight to wager on any of them for a unique gaming experience.

The Frog Princess is no different and IGT has ensured that the game will offer the consistent high standard of the company’s other slot machines. As the theme is fantasy, IGT has utilized eye-popping colors that enhance the game but does not distract the player from its basic premise. The color scheme is pre-dominantly shades of blue and green.

The symbols are based on an animal theme and have been developed in a clean and clear design that is customary of IGT. Some of the symbols include Crystal Ball, Frogs, Lily Pad, Snail, Mushroom, Fish, Pink Flower and Magic Book. Unlike other slot games, this one does not have any high value cards depicted as symbols.

The wild symbol in the game is depicted by the Princess symbol which has an image of a Female Frog with a crown. The wild symbol can be used to hit winning combinations as it can act as a substitute for any of the regular symbols in the game. When it so happens, the symbols become animated. For example, the Fish symbol pouts its lips when it is part of a winning combination. Although there are many reels, it does not clutter the screen as it has been designed in a clear manner.

Avail Free Spins in the Bonus Feature of The Frog Princess

Bonus rounds are extremely important in a slot game as it allows players to enhance their winnings with free spins or multipliers. In The Frog Princess, IGT has developed a unique way to award both in the bonus round. The bonus round is titled Princess Gone Wild and is activated when three Princess symbols appear on the third reel of the game.

The screen is cleared and the player is offered a chance to select a single prince form the ten options provided. each prince either reveals a multiplier amount or free spins. Players can be awarded 20 free spins where the payouts will be added to the win total. The bonus feature can be re-activated. Once the free spins are over, players are returned to the normal game.

Experience Gaming Entertainment with The Frog Princess

IGT has released several slot machine games with varying themes such as fantasy, action and science-fiction. The Frog Princess is a slot based on fantasy and on the famous fairytale “The Princess & the Frog” and is also a sequel to IGT’s original slot “The Frog Prince”.  Players will find that every aspect of the game has been designed with this theme in mind. The slot machine will create a whimsical environment where they can wager real money and win while unraveling a fairytale.

The game is one of IGT’s masterpieces as it significantly enhances the chances of hitting a winning combination and earning a payout. The Frog Princess has five reels in a unique format and 100 paylines. The increased number of paylines will help raise the standard real money bets placed by players. The game offers a highly favorable payback percentage of 98% which is exceptionally good.

The minimum wager denomination required to play the game is a single penny. Players can place a maximum wager of 2000 casino credits in the game. The gaming console has been designed for extreme player comfort which makes wagering and playing the game a complete hassle-free experience.

IGT is a pioneering force in the gaming industry ever since its inception in 1975. Initially a private company, the gaming software provider soon began to grow in leaps and bounds gaining in knowledge and technical expertise. Today, IGT is synonymous with innovation and creativity and is also a public venture that produces and provides premium gaming entertainment to its loyal customers. With the acquisition of several software gaming companies such as WagerWorks, IGT is also powering several reputed online casinos.

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