uSpin Slots Machine

uSpin  Slot Review

Slot machines are one of the favorite casino games of gamblers as they are based on luck and do not require complicated strategies to win. Unlike other games, there are over several hundred different slots with unique themes and vibrant graphics. However, software developers have decided to take it a step further by introducing new technologies to slot machine games.

The u-Spin technology is one of them and allows players to experience an innovative gambling environment. Typically slot games are played by hitting the spin button. But, with the u-Spin technology players will manually be able to spin a wheel with the help of touch screens. This latest technology has only been incorporated in a few slot games but will soon feature in several others. At present, software developers are including this technology only during the bonus game.

A spinning wheel has always been fascinating to players and this can be traced back to one of the most famous slot games, Wheel of Fortune. Although, the slot did not include the u-Spin technology, it was based on the popular television game series. The software allows players to have a more proactive presence on slot machines. One of the slot games that have included the u-Spin technology is Cash Spin.

Wager Real Money on Cash Spin

Cash Spin is an exciting Vegas slot game that offers several unique features. The slot, which has 25 paylines and three reels, is based on money. Players can make a maximum bet of 200 casino credits on this game. The coin denominations begin with a single cent and go up to 25 cents. The betting ranges make it one of the ideal games for regular players and those with small bankrolls and the jackpots are an incentive for the high rollers as well. The maximum number of coins that can be wagered on a single payline is 5.

The graphics and sound-effects have been developed to complement the game and its premise. Unlike other slots, the animation, including the flashing lights and video, does not distract a player from the game. The bonus game with the new u-Spin technology will be an exciting feature with a virtual wheel that can be actually spun.

The basic game is rather good where players can score hits on a frequent basis. One of the biggest set of payouts is offered by the scatter symbol in the game which is the Money Bag. If player shit three scatter symbols on the reels, the first bonus game begins. Players are offered a choice between three money bags which offer a particular value of credits. The minimum and maximum credit that can be earned through this round is three and 50 times the complete wager respectively. The slot game is said to offer a payout once every 75 spins.

Play the u-Spin Bonus on Cash Spin

The Cash Spin slot also offers a u-Spin symbol that activates the second bonus game. However, this symbol has to appear on the third reel if the game has to be triggered. Once the bonus game is activated, players will see a wheel with more than 20 spots which includes free games, progressive jackpots and also casino credit payouts ranging from 200 to 500.

Players can place their hand on the video screen and spin the wheel. The slot machine has sensors on the screen that controls the movement of the wheel. Like spinning an actual wheel, the pace of the wheel depends largely on the force exerted by the player. For instance, if the player simply brushes the screen, the wheel will move extremely slowly.

However, the wheel will spin rapidly when the screen is swiped. Controlling the momentum of the spin is up to the players. The most important factor of the u-Spin technology is for players to have fun. The bonus game can also be played using the spin button.

If the wheel lands on any of the credit payouts, the corresponding credit value is added to the total bet. Players can earn up to 12 free spins where the credit values will be doubled. The free spins feature can be re-activated if players hit Free Games again. The maximum number of free spins allotted to players in this game is 60. According to industry pundits, this free spin feature is one among the best bonus games in the gambling industry today.

The game has been designed in a simple manner and does not include complicated instructions on how to play it. The graphics and sound-effects include a candle that glows in different colors depending on the game level. Players are also directed through the bonus levels by the voice of a movie star.

To win large amounts of money on this game, players are recommended to begin the game with small bets and gradually increase their wagers. At present, it is one of the sought-after slot games at casinos with players lining up to get their chance at playing the revolutionary u-Spin technology.

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