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Slots are one of the most successful games across online and land-based casinos. What differentiates them from other casino games is that hitting a win on these is based on luck rather than complicated techniques and strategies. Another feature of these slot games are the vibrant graphics, audio and sheer diversity of themes.

When a game is based on a certain theme, it is called a themed slot. Today, these games are the most widely played across online casinos. In lieu of this, gaming software providers release slots at opportune times that befit the game such as to commemorate special events such as the Olympics or during holidays such as Christmas and St. Patrick’s Day. Slot games are also released to celebrate other popular events such as the annual parade in Rio de Janeiro and the Oktoberfest in Germany.

Move Slots
Movie Themed Slots

Slot games based on movies are available for real money and free play at most of the online casinos due to the popularity of the film. The game will include the lead characters of the film as symbols and important elements of the movie as special symbols and bonus features. Some of the popular movie themed slot games include The Dark Knight, Tomb Raider, The Hangover, Iron Man, Fantastic Four, X-Men, Lord of the Rings and King Kong.

3D Slot Games

With advancements in technology, slot games are being revamped to offer a premium gaming environment and a unique gambling experience. One of the latest innovations in slot games is those that have been developed in 3D. The graphics in such games are far better than those found in regular slots as they require much more detailing and clarity.

TV Themed Slots
TV Show Themed Slots

Television shows have also been included as a theme on which slot games are based. While some are based on popular drama series, others are based on adventure and game shows. The basic premise of the game will be more or less similar to the show. Some of the widely played television themed slot games are The Price is Right, X-Factor, Sex and the City, Jeopardy, The Family Guy and Wheel of Fortune.

Game Show Slot Machines
Game Show Slots

TV game shows are as popular now as they were in the 50's. IGT, WMS, Bally and other slot machine developers regularly release slot machines based on game shows. The most popular of course include The Price is Right, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy. Read our game show page to find out which games are avialble online.

Popularity of Themed Slot Machines

As slots are already a hit with online players, it is no wonder that themed slots have caught their fancy as well. The main attraction of such games is that players are offered innovative and exciting features in a spell-binding environment. Sensing the market for such slots, gaming software developers have taken it a step further and designed games with themes of successful films, television shows and games.

Along with the curiosity to see how their favorite film or show has been integrated into a slot game format, players are also thrilled to see their favorite characters come alive on screen. This is especially true for online slot games which make the gaming and real money gambling experience a more intimate one.