The Price is Right Slots Machine

The Price is Right Slot Review

WMS Gaming, established in the early 1990s, has created a slot machine game based on the successful game show, The Price is Right. As the theme of the slot is base don the show, many of the aspects are derived from it. One of the best aspects of creating a slot game based on a successful television show or film is that it instantly garners attention, not just of those that are fans of the show or film, but also other players who are keen to see how the theme has been incorporated in a slot game.

Although WMS is a young gaming company compared to its competitors, the organization has created a formidable reputation for itself by delivering some of the most unique and innovative slot games in the gambling and gaming industry. With slot games such as The Price is Right in its portfolio, WMS is rapidly emerging in the forefront of premium gaming entertainment and technology.

Win Jackpot up to 2500 Credits on The Price is Right Online Slot

Players are in for a real treat with The Price is Right Slots, where they can enjoy one of the most successful television game shows in a slot game format. Real money wagers can be placed on 25 paylines and symbols are displayed on five reels. Only a single coin can be wagered on a payline during a spin and the coin denominations range from 1 cent to $3.75.

The game is available for real money play only as a no download slot (works with Mac OS). This allows players to have instant access to the game rather than waiting for it to download. The highest and second highest jackpot amount offered in this game are 2500 and 1000 credits respectively.

Players will find the game easy to play as the gaming screen has a simple design. The number of paylines and wager amounts can be increased or decreased. Details about the paytable, special symbols and how to play the game can be availed by clicking on the paytable icon located at the lower left part of the screen when you download Price is Right slots online or by checking it out at the casino.

Vibrant Symbols and Bonus Features on Price is Right Slots Game

The symbols in the slot have been designed keeping with the theme. Some of the regular symbols include Tropical Vacation, New Car, Showcase Wheel and a Model. High value cards such as Nine, Ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace, which complete the regular symbols, have been designed in colorful and fun fonts.

The scatter symbol in the slot is the logo of The Price is Right and only comes up on the 3rd, 2nd and 1st reel. The wild symbol in the game is the White-Haired Host and completes winning combinations by substituting for other regular symbols. The Host only comes up on the 4th, 3rd and 2nd reel and cannot substitute for the logo of The Price is Right.

One of the bonus features in the game, titled Showcase Bonus, is activated when three The Price is Right logo symbols come up on the reels. A second screen opens where players are shown a ranking board with a Car fixed in the 7th position. Players will have to place the items about to be shown in the correct order according to the price levels. Two items will be shown for the first and second position.

Only after the items have been placed will two items be presented for the third and fourth position, likewise for the fifth and sixth position. For every correct placement, a 5x bonus multiplier is awarded. If players get the entire ranking right, they will be awarded a multiplier of 100x. Once the Showcase Bonus is over, the window will close and the regular game will resume. Any winnings earned during this round will be credited to the total.

For players who want to enjoy the game without manually clicking the Spin icon each time, an Auto Play option is provided. Players can choose the wager amount for each spin, number of spins which range from 5 to 500 and the duration between each spin. The auto play option will be paused when a bonus feature is activated. High rollers and avid fans of the television show will find The Price is Right real money slot machine to be a true gaming connoisseur’s delight.

History of The Price is Right Television Game Show

The television show premiered in the US during the early 1970s on one of the most successful networks, CBS. The game is based on participants trying to guess the right price of the products offered. On guessing correctly, they are awarded prizes and cash. One of the most famous phrases in television history, “Come on Down“, was coined from this show, where the host selects the participants from the audience.

Bob Barker played host since the show was launched in the early 1970s to 2007. Barker’s final episode as host was special for many reasons, chief among them that he was celebrating 50 years in show business. The final episode with Barker as host was replayed during primetime. In the late 1980s, Barker also gained significant control over the show and its creative content as he was nominated as Executive Producer.

In the game show, four participants are chosen from the audience to compete in a one bid game where they each have to guess the price for a select product without repeating the choice of their opponent. The participant whose guess is nearest to the actual price but does not exceed it proceeds to the next round. If the participant guesses the exact price of the product, a cash bonus is awarded. Through the years, the bonus amount has increased from $100 to $500.

Typically, six pricing games are held in a single show where the running time is 60 minutes. Of these six, one will most definitely offer an automobile, another as cash, and the other games will offer small vacations or merchandise. It is estimated that since the premier of the show in 1972, around $250,000,000 in prizes and cash have been awarded to players. Barker had restricted awarding merchandise which had leather and animal fur. However, after his exit, these products were also included as prizes.

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