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Cool Jewels
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Your first look at Cool Jewels might have you wondering if this is a slot at all, as the game looks very much like the games you might find on your tablet or phone such as Bejeweled or Candy Crush. However, it certainly is a slot – and as soon as you hit the spin button the ‘reels’ turn and a new set of jewel symbols will appear.

This slot has a 6x6 configuration, featuring a host of brightly colored jewels on the reels. Unlike your standard slot, there is no pay table as such, as each of the jewels pays out in the same way. You will often get bigger wins via bonus multipliers. This slot also features three different types of wild symbol and added extras when these wilds combine. The highlight of the game is a free spins round, where you can gain 20 spins or more at a time.

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How to Win at Cool Jewels

Down the left hand side of the reels you’ll find a meter which shows a steadily increasing ‘pay per symbol’ amount.  Look closely at the meter and you’ll see that it’s made up of a series of small blue lines, each of the lines relating to a symbol. When you land a combination of four symbols or more, this will see the meter rise by that number of lines. Any wins will see the symbols disappear from the reels and those from above will now drop into their place, with new symbols appearing from the top. Any subsequent win will see the meter rise further and as long as the wins keep coming, the meter will continue to rise – the maximum payout being 50x your coin amount for every winning symbol. All of the original wins and the subsequent ones caused by the drops come at the cost of just one spin, a new spin taking place only when no more wins are achieved.

However, that is not the end of the story as you’ll find a number of added extras:

Firstly you’ll find a diamond symbol that has a ‘10x’ multiplier attached, meaning that any combinations using these symbols will benefit to the generous multiplier amount.

There are also three wild symbols on the reels. A red ‘Unstable wild’ will see all of the symbols around it destroyed. The green ‘Shocking Wild’ will see any symbols in a diagonal line radiating away from it destroyed (much like a bishop at chess). The blue ‘Shattering Wild’ will see any symbols on a horizontal or vertical line radiating away from it destroyed (much like a rook at chess).

Should two or more wilds appear together you’ll enjoy one of the wild enhancements, where all of the affected symbols will now have a ‘watermark’ attached. During the next evaluation, all of the watermark symbols will now be destroyed, to give added chances of winning and aid in moving that meter ever upward.

The final added symbol is the ‘Cool Jewels’ title. Land these in a minimum combination of 4 to gain 8 free spins, while a combination of 7 will gain you 20 free spins. Each additional symbol in a combination over 7 will add an extra 5 free spins.

How the Cool Jewels Slot Works

Before your first spin you’ll have one choice to make – the size of the bet multiplier. This starts at just 1, which means the minimum spin is just $0.50. The maximum bet multiplier is 400, coming at the cost of $200 per spin, although you’ll have a wide choice of bet multipliers in between, meaning the slot is suitable for players of all bankroll levels. A handy auto play option lets you set the slot in motion without interruption for 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 spins.

Graphically, the slot will look very familiar to those of you who enjoy the ‘cascading’ mobile apps that are so popular today, the game set against the backdrop of an arctic setting, with snowdrops falling slowly through the air. The slot is accompanied by an almost ambient soundtrack, featuring the twinkling of the snowdrops, making it one of the most relaxing themes you’ll find at a slot – perfect for hitting auto play, sitting back and enjoying the experience as the wins roll in!

Overall Experience with the Cool Jewels Slot

This is a game for players who like their slots original. The gameplay is very different to what you’ll find elsewhere, so you might take a couple of minutes to work out exactly what is going on, but after this, there is a very good chance this slot will grab you. The combination of the cascading symbols, the wilds and the multipliers can make for a great number of wins with just one spin, and throw in the free spins too, and this is a slot that keeps the excitement coming.