Gone With the Wind Slots Machine

Gone With the Wind Slot Review

Based on one of the most romantic novels of all times, Gone with the Wind is a five reel slot game, which has become quite popular over time. Gone with the Wind slots is a twenty payline game and has brilliant features that not only induces the feelings of romance and love but also keeps the thrilling journey moving.

The slot machine game is owned and produced by WMS Gaming Studios, and has video clips and even bonus events, which go on throughout the game. The name and its theme are what stand out the most in this game. Most critics even find the theme of romance in a slot game to be quite strange, yet it has so far proved to be a thorough entertainer.

Gone with the Wind Slot Machine Theme

The graphics in this video slot machine game can be considered to be pretty and clean, accompanied with well-designed symbols. Even a few photographs of the main characters from the movie have been added as part of the plot. With the movie’s soundtrack in the background, the reels starting spinning and though it sounds quite lovely in the beginning, it tends to get a little monotonous after a while. But the good part is that there is an option to shut off the music track.

Players can trigger one of the game features with three or more Rhett reel symbols. If you achieve this feat, then you can see a screen, which lets you select three out of five gifts. Each of these chosen gifts will eventually reveal the number of free spins the player has won. Every color of the gift represents a particular number of free games.

Key Features of Gone With the Wind Slots

The Kissing Bonus will help launch an image of Scarlett O’Hara, filling all the 3 spots on the reel towards your left hand. The spots on the right hand reel are filled by an image of Rhett Butler of Gable. In the game that follows, a touchscreen filled with heart lockets appears and the player is supposed to find images of Ashley Wilkes and Scarlett, which will conclude in an on-screen kiss.

As the player clicks on locket after locket, credit amounts are unlocked, and which leads to a kissing scene between Scarlett and Rhett on the screen. The longer the kiss, the more credits the player gets. Also, for hardcore romantics, this kiss is the most awaited moment in the game. In this showcase video slot machine game, the Locket Bonus and the Kissing Bonus are considered to be the showcase events. Both these bonuses involved 3 top-box wheels.

Gone with the Wind video slot machine game has quite an unusual configuration of reels. It has three symbols quite deep on the fifth and the first reels, and about four symbols deep on the three middle reels. Also, more than the Scarlet and Ashley symbols, the Rhett and Scarlett symbols act as winning combination.

During the game, the yellow hat symbol gives the player three free games, while the green hat symbol gives ten free games. The red hat symbol, however, gives fifteen to hundred free games. Your total winning is then quadrapuled. Just like the number of free spins in the game, this feature also can be re-triggered.

Overall Experience

Even though the hit rate for this video slot machine game is considered to be average, the nice payout structure makes up for it. This means that even medium and low sized combinations have a good and healthy payback rate, which shows that the payer’s balance is always refreshed regularly. This lets the players reach higher bet levels and play for even bigger wins. Although it has only one feature to its credit, the game keeps the player enthralled till the end. However, it must be noted that individuals who don’t enjoy romantic series might find it hard to stay put for long.

Fun Facts About Gone with the Wind Movie

The 1939 epic romantic and historical film, Gone with the Wind, was originally adapted from the novel titled the same and written by Margaret Mitchell. The story is set in the nineteenth century, with South America as its setting. It tells the tale of Scarlett O’Hara and the pursuit of her love, Ashley Wilkes. Vivian Leigh plays the character of O’Hara and has done a marvelous job of portraying her romantic pursuit. However, she is married to Clark Gable, who plays the role of Rhett butler. The movie is completely set against the backdrop of the Reconstruction era and the Civil Wars, and is narrated through the perspective of the white Southerners.

Producing and making the film faced problems right from the beginning as David O Selznick was quite determined to get Clark Gable to play the famous Rhett Butler’s character. Filming was postponed by two years and during this time over 1400 women were interviewed for the epic role of Scarlett. Upon its completion and release, the movie received excellent reviews in December 1939. Critics and reviewers praised the brilliant casting and found Vivian Leigh to be well-suited for the role of Scarlett.

At the 12th Academy Awards hosted in 1940, Gone with the Wind received a total of ten awards, setting new records for winning the most number of nominations and awards at the time. The awards won included Best Director, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actress, Best Lead Role, and Best Adapted Screenplay.

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