Yahtzee Slots Machine

Yahtzee Slot Review

Slot game players who have an interest in board games would have heard about the Yahtzee slot game by WMS. This slot game is based on the classic dice game created by Milton Bradley, and it is one of the latest slot machines based on a board game, produced by WMS. This game is popular among the regular slot game players due to its party bonus, and the developers have compiled it carefully.

Features on the Yahtzee Slots Game

This board game themed slot has five reels and a Wild Multiplier feature. This video slot game is known for its superior video quality as it runs on the Bluebird 2 platform. The Wild Multiplier feature of this game is fascinating because it allows the players to earn free rolls. Free rolls give the players a chance to get a ‘Yahtzee’. In a normal game, the players can have a chance at the Yahtzee approximately 6 times. Therefore, if the players enter a free roll during the game, their chances of getting a Yahtzee increase.

Another very important feature for this online slot machine is its Wild Multiplier feature. In all slot games, the players have the opportunity of increasing their winning amount with a specific number of multiplier effects. In most games, the players are not awarded more than 15 times the total bet amount. However, in this game, when the players enter the bonus round, and trigger a Wild Multiplier feature, they can multiply all their line winnings by approximately 36 times, leaving them with a large jackpot sum.

The Party Bonus Round on Yahtzee Slot Machines

The most popular feature of this slot is the Yahtzee party bonus. This mode can be activated in the game anytime after the player spots a bonus symbol on the reels. If the players collect all the five bonus symbols and then trigger a bonus round, they will get all the progressive awards of the game, but if they trigger the bonus after one symbol, they will receive a simple multiplier effect. This feature of the game appeals to all the regular players of the game as it gives them the opportunity to unlock the progressive awards.

Yahtzee – a Popular Board Game

Made by Milton Bradley (now the Hasbro company), Yahtzee is a popular board game that was launched in 1956. To win on this slot machine, the players need to score the maximum points by rolling five dice at the same time to make particular combinations of numbers. This game is based on chance and probability, and there is no specific strategy, which players can use to win this game.

During the game, every player gets 13 turns. During each turn, a player can roll the dice up to 3 times. The players have the option of making approximately 13 different number combinations during the entire game. At the end of 13 turns, the player with the highest number of required number combinations wins the game.

To win the game, the player can use a particular number combination only once. Therefore, to earn points, the player needs to try to get all the required number combination in his or her 13 turns. In addition to this, each of the required number combination has different point values attached to them. Some of the number combinations have the same value as their added numerical values, while some of the combinations have extra points. Therefore, a player with six numerical combinations can easily lose to a player with four numerical combinations on the basis of the total points. The highest numerical combination value of the game is 50.

When this game was first introduced, it was viewed more as a betting game, as it was based on luck. This game is ideal for a slot game format, as the players need to achieve desired numerical combinations in the board game, and in slot game, the players need to achieve desired symbol combinations.

The developers at WMS have converted this game into a slot game format carefully, to keep its charm alive. The slot game based on this board game is very similar to the original game, where in the bonuses have different values like the different numerical combinations. However, the manufacturers have revised the display features of this game, to make it more appealing to the regular players.

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