Game of Life Slots Machine

Game of Life Slot Review

The Game of Life is a slots game from WMS. This game is based on the popular board game, The Game of Life. WMS has produced a number of slot machines over the years and is one of the largest makers of slots games. The Game of Life continues with the good performance of WMS games over the years, and includes various bonuses as well as a progressive jackpot to up the stakes for players.

Game of Life Slot Machine Theme

The Game of Life is a 17 payline and 5 reel video slot game that has a minimum bet of 40 credits and maximum bet of 400 credits. This game is wide area progressive, which means that the jackpots have links over a number of properties and every bank is set as a four player community game.

Players are provided with choices for their character profile, such as gender, or the six unique career options. The selections made by the player become important later on and affect the amount of credit that they can possibly win at the community bonus big events.

Game of Life Slot Features

The Game of Life has a split screen for players, where the bottom part has the base game and the top part has the Bank of Life game. There are four likely outcomes. The greater the difficulty in achieving an outcome, the more rewards available for players.

There are several bonus rounds in this game. When three or more of the spinner symbols appear on any of the reels, the free spin feature is activated. This round awards 10 free spins, which can be re-triggered indefinitely. The frequency of arrows is also high in this round.

The Big Event Community feature is re-triggered once every 3 minutes on average. The Life spinner determines if the player will get random credit awards or if the Big Even bonus gets activated. On getting the credit award, the car moves on the tiles of the board game and if it stops on the career you have chosen, then you can win large credit rewards with other players also getting smaller wins.

The Pay Day bonus feature works passively in the big events. Players are taken to the top screen and shown the bank, where they receive credits according to the number of pegs entering the bank. Some special pegs give more credits than the normal ones.

Your career choice comes into play in the Career Day bonus. In this round, a random career is chosen from six options and all players receive credit rewards at the round's conclusion. You can win larger credits if your career choice is the one that gets randomly chosen.

Next is the Speed Spin feature which gives 7 spins initially to players. There are a total of ten likely outcomes. Every outcome will either increase the prize value, award free spins, or offer one or all of the rewards. This round pays the highest bonus in this slots game.

Apart from these, there is also a progressive jackpot that is triggered on getting five progressive logos on all of the reels. The jackpot amount resets at $201,000.

The Game of Life Board Game

The Game of Life is a very popular family board game created by Milton Bradley games and released in 1960. The game is based around a player journeying from college to retirement age and encountering life events like career choice, marriage, buying properties, and children. All the while, players may also have to go through other events on the winding track, like midlife crisis, plastic surgery, buying beach property, and smaller events like computer upgrade, receiving stock, and so on. The game finishes once all of the players have retired and the winner is the one with the largest stack of money.

This classic board game has been among the mainstays of board games over the years. The game was released to celebrate Milton Bradley's milestone of 100 years creating board games. The goal in the game of life is to succeed - but did you know, that the maximum amount of money a player can earn while playing the game is $3,115,000?

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