Battleship Slots Machine

Battleship Slot Review

Battleship, a slot game by WMS, is one of the popular slot games played by several players in the Las Vegas region regularly. This game is a classic board game turned into a slot. The game has a lot of bonus features and additional rewards. When the bonuses are triggered during the game, the players move into communal bonus rounds, where their eligible teammates help them win a jackpot.

Unlike many other slot games, this game has been designed using the sensory immersion technology and its developers have incorporated a unique technical design into it. The developers at WMS took two years to design this theme-based slot game, as they wanted to make its appearance very appealing. To add to the technology theme of the game, the developers of the game have included two mechanical transmissive reels, and two video reels . However, the audio and other visual features of the game are similar to that of other slot games on the Bluebird xD platform.

The Bonus Rounds in Battleship Slots

The online slot machine consists of three bonus features, and rounds. These bonuses include Free Spin Victory, Find Conquer and Bomber’s Run. In the Bomber’s run bonus, the players or the teams have an opportunity to win additional credits. In this round, the team with the highest number of hits earns the additional credits. In the Free Spin bonus round, the team that sinks the most number of enemy ships wins the bonus. During this round, the bonus of the teams is calculated using the 2x multiplier. In the Find Conquer bonus round, the teams need to work hard to win their bonus. In this round, the teams need to place their fleet on the Battleship board. Once their position is determined, they need to fire at the opposite team and sink their ships. At the end, the team that has defeated the enemy wins a bonus of up to 5x multiplier.

Themes in the Battleship Online Slots

Apart from the three bonus features, the game has approximately four Battleship based themes, which also have unique bonus rounds in them. The Commanding Officer is a 5-reel video theme in the game, and the bonuses offered during this theme are similar to the ones in the original board game. The second theme of the game is the Periscope Pays, which is again a 5-reel video that includes wild bonuses. The bonus under this theme offers the players free spins. The other fascinating themes in the game are the Grand Armada, and the Brigade. Both of these themes have 5 or 4 mechanicals, and they have free spin bonuses as well.

Apart from all these features, this game was received very well by the players, as it combined the traditional board game with the new slot format. The players also enjoyed the fact that the game had to be played in teams. As a matter of fact, Battleship is one of the most liked games made by WMS, even though WMS produces many slot games every year. It is a popular pick among the theme-based slots, and it is available in many casinos in Las Vegas, as the regular players enjoy playing on them.

The WMS Platform for Battleship Slot Machine

The developers of this game launched this game on the Bluebird xD platform by WMS. The Bluebird xD is the most advanced platform offered by the company, at present. This platform has amazing audio features, as it is powered with the Bose sound system. The Bose sound system is designed in such a manner that it can adjust the audio output of the game, to avoid any strain on the player.

In addition to this, the Bluebird xD platform is made using the Experience Design. This feature makes this platform better than the other platforms offered by the company. This feature enhances the video quality of the game, and it helps the players in spotting the scatters and various symbols as well. The company is currently trying to upgrade the Experience Design feature to better the viewing experience of its customers.

WMS is one company that believes in producing innovative games for its customers. The company has a highly talented team of game developers that try to better the slot gaming market with all their launches. The company focuses on creating games that would better the gaming experience of the customers. At present, this company is working on several theme-based games, as they have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past. In addition to this, the company is also looking at establishing its platforms, in order to facilitate to all its games. Currently, the company’s platform uses leading EDGE elements and BOSE audio features. The company is trying to incorporate many other features in its platforms.

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