Double Money Burst Slots

Double Money Burst Review

WMS is one of the biggest names in the slots game industry. It has produced a number quality machines and platforms over the years that have helped it gain a large player base. One of the most popular games from WMS is the Double Money Burst slot, which follows on the success of the original series, Money Burst. This game gives players plenty of ways to win and has a greater chance of paying you in comparison to the original series.

The Double Money Burst slots is themed on the model of the Money Burst game from WMS. While the original series had a 2x2 reel quadrant placed at the front of the first reel set. There are many bonuses and similar features to keep players glued to the machine. The games have a variety of themes and each one involves great sound effects as well as graphics and animations. The games include Fire Queen, Neptune's Quest, Great Owl, and Pool Party, all of which stay true to their respective themes with great gameplay, visuals, animations, and sound effects.

Double Money Burst Slot Machine Features

Players can enjoy all the excitement and fun in the games with only 50 credits on 100 action lines. WMS has positively incorporated player feedbacks and made the new series potentially capable of awarding huge wins at every spin. Also, each game comes with its own unique bonus round. In general, there are 3 ways of triggering the bonus rounds. The first method involves filling one of the two given quadrants with similar symbols. Players get five free spins on completing this, with one of the quadrants locked. The remaining quadrant will continue to spin normally.

Another way of triggering the bonus feature is by landing with three of the bonus symbols on the 9th, 10th, and 11th reels. This gives players five free spins. Some of the games replace the quadrant with large symbols at this stage.

The final way of activating the bonus feature is basically a mix-up of the first two methods. If you are lucky enough to match the symbols on both the quadrants, and simultaneously land the bonus symbols on the 9th, 10th, and 11th reels, then you are awarded with 100 times your bet as well as 20 additional spins. The four titles of the series have unique features as given below:

Fire Queen: This title includes a transferable wild which gets transferred to the respective blank space on the other quadrant. When the round gets activated, landing the wild on reels 9, 10, and 11 results in an expanding wild that fills up the whole screen. The highest award is 400 credits.

Pool Party: This title comes with the Mystery Clump bonus that makes extra-long stacks. When the bonus round is going on, the vacant quadrant gets replaced with large symbols which cover all of the four symbols. The highest award here is 250 credits.

Neptune's Quest: The bonus feature here is similar to Pool Party and is called the Random Clump feature. The maximum win can be 250 credits in this title.

Great Owl: This title also has the transferring wild feature and the free spins have a 2x multiplier attached with them. The highest pay is 800 credits in this game.

Overall Experience

Double Burst Money series offers a great chance for players to win large amounts in a variety of different settings and great gameplay options. The series stays true to its theme and gives players lots of opportunities to win big. You can try this exciting and entertaining series from WMS and see for yourself if your money bursts into double amounts or not!

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