Madame X Slots Machine

Madame X Slot Review

All players who enjoy playing themed slot games would have heard of Madame X, an interactive slot game created by WMS. This game is famous for its bonus feature, and it is especially designed for the dollar and quarter player markets. This game is a part of the popular G+ series produced by WMS, and it has specific features that would appeal to the regular players.

Features of Madame X Slots

Madame X created by WMS is made available on multiple platforms by the company. At present, it is available on the Bluebird Slant Widescreen platform, the Bluebird xD platform, and the Bluebird2 platform. It is also available in three languages, that is, Portuguese, Mandarin, and Spanish. The fact that this game is available on so many WMS platforms makes it appealing to many players, as they can customize this game to suit their personal preferences.

In addition to the platform choice, this game also has interesting free spin and bonus features. The game has approximately three or more scatter bonus symbols that can trigger the bonus round for the players. These symbols can appear on the players screen at any point of the game, and they will give the players an opportunity to multiple their amount by up to five times.

Furthermore, this game has 10 free spins in it. These spins are awarded to the players on the basis of the number of scatter symbols. For 4 scatter symbols, the players receive 15 free spins, while for 5 scatter symbols the players receive 20 free spins. However, this game does not have a multiplier effect because it is free for the players.

Madame X Slot Machine in the G+ series

The G+ series by WMS consists of a range of slot games that have been designed with multiple free spin features. The games in this series have big symbols on their reels, and they have amazing audio and visual features as well. Many games in this series are theme-based, but all of these games have similar audio and visual features because they are mostly played on the Bluebird2 platform.

The Bluebird Platform by WMS

The Bluebird platforms are the most interactive platforms developed by WMS. These platforms are known for their audio features as they have the Bose sound system installed in them. The Bose sound system adjusts the audio settings of the game to maintain the tonal balance throughout the game. So the player is not strained by the background music of the game while playing.

Some of the Bluebird platforms also have Experience Design. The Experience Design is most commonly found in the Bluebird XD platform. With the help of this feature, the players are able to see the visual cues and all the animated features in the game very clearly. In some of the games, this feature helps the players in understanding the emotive lighting used in the game. This feature enables the players to spot symbols and bonus scatters easily.

WMS – Manufacturing Innovative Games

According to the game developers at WMS, the company is trying to manufacture games that would make the gaming experience more real for the players. Themed online slot games by the company are usually based on famous shows and movies. Therefore, to enliven the experience of these movies and shows in the slot games, the company is trying to better its existing gaming platform as well.

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