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Spiderman Slot Review

Theme-based slots have gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. These slots are entertaining, as they incorporate a unique concept into a slot game. WMS Gaming is one popular manufacturer of slot games that has produced several theme-based slot games until date. The company entered the slot game industry in the year 1994, and since then they have produced some highly entertaining games. The company launched the Spider-Man slot game after the success of the movies based on the popular superhero. All the movie fans have appreciated these games, and they have exciting gaming features for the regular players as well.

Features of the SpiderMan Slots Game

The Spiderman online slot was launched in the year 2012, and it is made using the Sensory Immersion 2.0 technology. This slot game is unique, as it has been designed along with a synchronized motion chair technology, which will help the players experience the tingling Spider Sense when they play this game. Furthermore, the graphics and the sound system of this game are powered with the CPU-NXT3, which is the latest platform in the market. The developers of the game felt that these features of the game would help bring the entire superhero experience to life, and would enhance the gaming experience for the players, and so they used them.

The Spider-Man slot game was the second game produced by the company in the Sensory Immersion 2.0 motion-chair format. The first game that was launched in this format was Aladdin & The Magic Quest. This game was an instant hit among the players, so the company decided to launch the Spider-Man game in the same format.

The Spider-Man slot game is a video slot that has a dual-array. It has 5×3 sets of reels and with every spin, approximately six random Spider Sense features are activated for the players. In addition to this, the players receive several bonus rounds, which give them the opportunity to witness audio and video features that are symbolic to the Spider-Man trilogy. During the game, the players have a few bonus rounds where they battle with the Green Goblin as well. In this bonus round, the players are able to experience all the graphical features of this game, with the help of the motion chair.

Winning Free Spins on WMS Spiderman Slot Machine

The free spin feature in this game is different from that of regular games. This game has a very exciting free spin feature, as it has been made using the CPU-NXT3 platform. With the help of this software, the motion chair of the game is powered, and the players are able to experience the action and the excitement of the movie while the reels are spinning. During the free spin feature, the players can get up to eight sets of reels absolutely free. In addition to this, during the bonus feature, the players can make around 50 times the worth of their bet on all of the reel sets.

According to the Senior Vice President of WMS Gaming, Phil Gelber, this game was launched in the CPU-NXT3 format because their first game in this format received a good response from the players. He stated that the company has always tried to produce innovative products for the customers, so the officials decided to invest in the immersion sensory experience of motion, sound and sight.

According to the officials from the company, their developers did a splendid job in producing this game. The developers were able to adapt the sense of the iconic movie trilogy into the game, which is why this game received a good response from the players. The officials from WMS stated that the company would continue to manufacture products like this, so that the players can have a wide choice of slot games.

SpiderMan Comics / Books / Movies – A Famous Marvel Superhero

Spider-Man is one of the famous comic books produced by Marvel Comics, which was later converted into a movie trilogy. This amazing character has been created by Stan Lee, the writer and the editor of the novel, and it made its first appearance in the Amazing Fantasy. The character was developed with the help of Steve Ditko. Lee and Ditko, both decided to make this character an orphan, who would be raised by his aunt and uncle. They wanted their superhero to face the struggles of life, and develop his moral grounding, so they put in this attribute to his character.

When this character first made its appearance in the 1960s, teenagers were never pictured as superheroes. Therefore, this character stood out for the audiences, where in a teenager named Peter Parker protected the world with his secret identity as Spider-Man. This character has been featured in many of Marvel’s comic book series. This superhero is also a part of the Fantastic Four, and the Avengers, the flagship superhero teams by Marvel.

Looking at the success of this comic series, this character was introduced on the big screen through the Spider-Man trilogy. The first Spider-Man movie was released in the year 2002, directed by Sam Raimi and written by David Koepp. The second one was directed by Sam Raimi, written by Alvin Sargent, while the third one was directed by Sam Raimi again, and written by Ivan Raimi. In the entire trilogy, the role of Spider-Man was played by Toby Maguire.

When the first movie from this trilogy came out in 2002, it was an instant success. Kids, adults, men, women, everyone enjoyed the movie, and thought that Spider-Man was an unconventional superhero because he was a young character, and not similar to the other superheroes such as Batman and Superman. After the success of the first movie, many video games were launched on Spider-Man as the kids were fascinated by this character.

After the second and the third movie, the popularity of the character grew even more. In addition to this, the various awards and accolades won by the movie, inspired many game developers to launch exiting games based on this superhero. The popularity of the character and this movie trilogy is the primary reason as to why WMS decided to launch this slot game as well.

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