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The popular sport of stock car racing has been taken to another level. Bally Technologies, the world’s oldest slot manufacturer, has licensed NASCAR for a virtual racing game and a slot machine. Bally is one of the leading slot machine manufacturing companies in the world and it has taken a huge step in teaming up with this world-class brand. By using a racing theme for one of their slot machines, the company is expecting to gain more fans and players. NASCAR fans around the world are especially impressed by the slot machine that gives them a one-of-a-kind experience of their favorite sport. The popularity of the sport is also sure to increase after the recent debut of this unique slot machine.

Bally Technologies has earned credit for many impressive milestones in the field of gaming and technology. It even created the world’s first slot management system that runs on electric. It has won numerous accolades in recent times as well. Although NASCAR is the first world-class brand that it has teamed up with, it’s not such a big surprise because Bally has already made its name as one of the most creative gaming companies. In fact, it’s about time these two brands collaborated to provide fans and players with their innovative products. Now, fans can become professional NASCAR drivers even without being on the race track.

The Release of the NASCAR Slots Machine

In the innovative NASCAR slot machine created by Bally Technologies, players can enjoy exciting features that haven’t been introduced in other slots. The new slot is available on the special Bally’s cabinet-ALPHA 2 ProSeries. It has three high-octane bonuses: Burnout Free Games, U-Race Bonus, and Pit Stop Bonus. These bonuses offer players multiple awards and higher chances of advancing.

The NASCAR slot features a lineup of famous racers like Clint Bowyer, Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnheardt Jr., Jimmie Johnson, and Kevin Harvick. Players can choose from any one of the featured drivers. The audio and video are delivered by the ProSurround chair and a vertical 32-inch touchscreen display. Players can get an almost life-like experience of being in the driver’s seat with the thrilling sound of engine roars and the excited cheer of the crowd.

This new slot is designed to bring the thrill of NASCAR sport to casino floors and give an ultimate experience to players. The NASCAR slot and Virtual Racing game were recently debuted during the Global Gaming Expo in October. Casinos are expecting to receive their orders of the new NASCAR slot machine in 2013.

More about NASCAR history

The whole NASCAR business started out around 1947-1948 as a family-owned business and remains to be family-operated to this date. It sanctions and oversees several auto racing events. NASCAR also holds the title of the biggest endorsing body in stock car auto racing in America. Aside from overseeing a number of local and smaller racing series, it also sanctions big series like the Nationwide Series and the Sprint Cup Series. Next to the National Football League, NASCAR has the second highest television ratings in America.

The founder of NASCAR, Bill France Sr., was a mechanic by profession. He had a passion for stock car racing and even took part in several races before he started his sanctioning business. During those days, drivers were constantly cheated out of their pay by cheap promoters. These promoters would often leave the racing events before drivers were paid and they would take all the money with them. In 1947, Bill decided that the sport cannot develop without an organized body that oversees the rules, schedule, and championships. He started pitching his idea to influential promoters and races, which helped him start the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing in 1948.

Famous NASCAR drivers

People who aren’t familiar with stock car racing may not know the difference made by a good driver and an amateur. Only true NASCAR fans recognize the importance of good driving skills and technique in a complex sport like this. Through the history of this sport, there have been great drivers who have earned themselves the titles of legends and true champions.

Bill Elliot was one of NASCAR’s highest winning drivers during the 1980s. He has won a NASCAR championship and two races in the Daytona 500 series. He was the first NASCAR driver that Sports Illustrated chose to feature on the cover of their magazine. For 16 times, he was named the Most Popular Driver in the sport.

Driver Darrell Waltrip was one of the sport’s most raucous and outspoken drivers during the 1980s. He was known to create publicity that would draw people to the racetrack. Throughout his NASCAR career, he brought home an amazing 84 wins. Drivers like Waltrip and Dale Earnheardt Sr. were some of NASCAR’S most notorious figures. Unfortunately, Earnheardt, nicknamed “The Intimidator”, was killed in a crash during the Daytona 500 series of 2001. His son, Dale Jr., is an upcoming driver and is currently making his own name in the sport.

Biggest races in NASCAR history

In June 19, 1949, NASCAR organized a “Strictly Stock” race in Charlotte, North Carolina. This race made it in the city’s history as an event that attracted the most number of people till that date. According to an estimation, around 22,000 people watched the race, while over 5000 individuals did not get seats.

In the 1980s, NASCAR saw one of the biggest rivalries in its history. Bill Elliot and Dale Earnheardt were fighting for the Winston Cup. While Elliot hadn’t won a title yet, Earnheardt was reaching for his third championship in the Winston Cup. The two drivers were neck-to-neck in the race, but Elliot’s tire gave out and Earnheardt sailed on to victory. NASCAR fans were thrilled to see the rivalry between the two would-be legends of the sport.

The Hooters 500 race of 1992 was one of the greatest NASCAR championship battles. In the start of the final race, the three top drivers were separated by only 40 points. Although Elliot won that race, Kulwicki completed one lap more than he did and scored some bonus points for that. The underdog, Alan Kulwicki, ultimately won the championship.

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